Scotland’s emergency service treats more than 80% in 4 hours in record performance

During week ending 26 December 2021, 80.2% of attendances at A&E services were seen and resulted in a subsequent admission, transfer or discharge within 4 hours. This is an increase from 73.8% in the previous week and the highest figure since 4th July 2021 when 81.6% were treated in 4 hours.

BBC Scotland will not be reporting the above and prefers this kind of data:

2 thoughts on “Scotland’s emergency service treats more than 80% in 4 hours in record performance

  1. Well done, Scotland’s excellent heath providers.

    Of course, the BBC that propagandizes in Scotland, provides 0% of contextualised reporting on this matter.
    Protecting the reputation of England’s health system being more impotent to the Tory controlled BBC than actual Scottish “news”.


  2. These are remarkable, positive performance data that must surely reflect sterling efforts by NHS Scotland staff..

    Within the overall national figures for the four hour standard there are some especially notable results – Monklands Hospital (NHS Lanarkshire) achieved only 65.4% against the 4 hour standard in the figures published on 12 December and this has steadily improved to 90.1% in this latest release! In the same health board, Hairmyres are improved from 65% to 79.4% in the same period

    The other notable feature is the national total for A&E attendances in the latest release being the lowest since 7 March, 2021.

    Now I think it is reasonable now, in the light of all the above, to set BBC Scotland a test.

    Will it report today on this notable, praiseworthy 80.2% achievement – and do so straightforwardly? (Perhaps the only excuse not to would be to hold off for a couple of days for the next equivalent NHS England performance data to be published in order to provide its audience with perspective!!!)

    And if the health specialists on the BBC Scotland staff are looking for newsworthy material in the public interest, I have two candidates based on today’s release: (i) what’s behind the notable improvements in waiting times performance in NHS Lanarkshire? (ii) what of significance can be learned from the reduction in A&E attendances nationally?

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