Massive fall in number of babies born addicted to drugs as SNP treatment policies kick in


The data from Cole-Hamilton’s FoI in Sky News:

At least 852 babies have been born addicted since April 2017 in Scotland, new figures have revealed.

The worst year since then was 2017-18 when 249 such births were recorded, then 205 in 2018-19 and 173 in both 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

In the first part of 2021-22, a further 52 babies were born addicted, according to the figures compiled by the Scottish Liberal Democrats using data obtained under Freedom of Information.

So, 52 in the first part of 2021 and perhaps 104 altogether? A 40% fall. 173 last year compared to 249 in 2017-18, a whopping 30% fall.

The SNP policies?

Between April and June 2020, 95.3% of the 7,195 people who started their first drug or alcohol treatment waited 3 weeks or less, an increase from the same quarter in the previous year (93.4%), which may be in part attributable to a fall in the number of completed waits during the quarter (10,560 in April to June 2019).

The target is 90% and NHS Scotland has been beating it for years, to widespread media inattention.

8 thoughts on “Massive fall in number of babies born addicted to drugs as SNP treatment policies kick in

  1. Cauld-Ham.
    Born addicted to talking shite, hamming it up in the lime-light and blagging the more gullible press operators(that’ll be them all).

    “I will be best buddies with DRossie and his gang–coalition with ME”!
    “I will be best pals with Starwars and his muppets-coalition with ME”!

    “Federalism? Don’t make me laugh, we Dumbs have NEVER argued for it since Jo Grimond left, its a policy we dont believe in”!

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  2. Speaking of Libs has anyone else seen the antics of Jardine and Stone when Ian Blackford on PMQs 1.09 in was speaking,I would like to think it was at the Tories heckling IB but more than likely siding with them.
    Maybe someone could check it out and post it on this site as I am not that clued up.


  3. As usual, add up figures over a random period to give a big number. Over the period covered, the average is 189 per year, but the trend is downward. I suspect that a proportion of the babies would have foetal alcohol syndrome, yet rarely is the alcohol industry explicitly BLAMED, nor called to account

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  4. This is the usual tactic of adding up the number over a number of years to get a big number. The average for the period is 189 cases per year, but the trend is steadily downward, and that appears to be statistically significant.

    In addition, a number of the cases will be babies with foetal alcohol syndrome. But, only occasionally are the responsibilities of the alcohol industry raised, and I cannot recall any spokesperson for the alcohol industry being blamed as politicians and health boards spokesperson are for such data.

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  5. £250million has recently been put into drug rehabilitation. Funding. Over 5 years. £50Million a year. All the rehab facilities had shut down. From 10 to 1. A increase in care funding had been given to councils – local authorities. (Unionist) Local authorities did not fund proper total abstinence rehab facilities. They put people on methadone because it was cheaper, methadone is just as addictive as heroin.

    All the drugs deaths in Scotland were/are attributed to people prescribed methadone (or other drugs) then taking other substances. They overdosed accidentally.

    The SNHS (Dr) could refer patients to proper rehab facilities or it could be paid privately. Once there was a reduction in profession facilities. There were less facilities available to refer people. Funds had been given to the councils under increased social care funding. The (unionist) councils did not fund or support the proper facilities. Heads of social work council departments did not support, believe or fund total abstinence rehab facilities. (Unionist councils). Then unionist parties blame the SNP Gov,

    The policies should be retain under the SNHS. So Drs could refer people. Or it could be paid privately (expensive or insurance). Public/private to keep the facilities open. For the long term benefit of people being alcohol/drug free. To keep the death rate permanently lower.

    MUP keeps the death rate lower. The SNP fought for five years to get that introduced. Labour did not support it, That has reduced deaths.

    £250million has been put in place to fund drug/alcohol addiction. Lower the death rate. If used properly (by councils) will make a difference. The SNHS Drs will be able to refer people. Depending on the (unionist) health authorities policies of support. It affects everyone (family) in Scotland.

    Prison costs £40,000 a year. Proper drug/alcohol rehab costs much less. Cost of police, SNHS, crime social work is much higher. Proper total abstinence, counselling rehab of support to stop people using substance is much more affective. NA/AA can be the first point of call to overcome drink/drug addiction problems and save lives. Overall there is much more awareness than before.


  6. 5.2million population. 852 although regretable, disappointing and concerning is a relatively low number. There is all the support in place to restrict numbers. Leading on from unionist parties bad poor policies. Licensing Laws etc. Donations to unionist parties for lenient licensing facilities Even spreading the virus. Leading to more deaths.

    UK Gov policies of 24/7 drinking. Tony Blair. ConDems. Over which the Scottish Gov has no control. Not devolved. Alcohol/whisky companies tax evasion under Westminster policy. It can get quite complex. Overall when attributing blame.

    Alcohol consumption in Scotland was 25% higher in Scotland when the unionists were in power. Historically. The gap has closed to much lower under the SNP governance of only a few years. 12%? Tackling deprivation in Scotland has closed the gap. The same problems are experienced in the South because of Westminster policies. Policies over which the Scottish Gov has no control. Not devolved policies.


  7. When unionists parties blame the SNP Gov. They should look in their own backyard to recognise the part the unionist parties play in it. The control of councils, health board authorities etc. It is not as cut and dry as they claim. The often total defiance of SNP Gov guidelines and rule. Everyone has a part to play. It affects the whole population,


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