NHS Scotland’s emergency services staggering 44% better than Northern Ireland but BBC and opposition are silent there

Humza Yousaf requests military assistance for NHS boards stretched by  pandemic
You were in Northern Ireland in the summer and they only did 54% in 4 hours? Remind me why you’re here.

Northern Ireland’s health boards only report on A&E waiting times quarterly. They haven’t reported on October to December yet but in July to September 2021, they only managed 54.4% in 4 hours. The winter performance does not bear thinking about.

In the same period NHS Scotland averaged 78.4% in 4 hours, a difference of 24% but also 44% better.

On November 24, BBC N Ireland reported ‘Hospital beds ‘at a premium’ as NI emergency departments struggle‘ but in the space of a 480 word report managed to avoid mentioning the 54.4% figure. No politician accused anyone of anything but one medic seemed to be blaming the public.




4 thoughts on “NHS Scotland’s emergency services staggering 44% better than Northern Ireland but BBC and opposition are silent there

  1. Cumming/Johnston awarded 9 illegally unscrutinised contracts for lateral flow kits to US firm Innova for £3.7Billion. The US Gov does use them because they are unreliable. They called them in. The lateral flow tests are only 60% reliable. .

    The husband of a respiratory Doctor, at a Southampton hospital, is a partner in the firm acting as middle men for the unscrutinised contracts. The firm has made £20million and is likely to earn more.


  2. “Dupe-y-dupe, dupe…. dupey, dupe, dupe, dupe-y, dupe

    spinin’ in the rain,
    yes, we’ll spin away the pain….

    Look, look a flying pig…………………………….”

    This has been a special news update from BBC Scotland, brought to you by Citizen journalist DRossie and his wee yappin’ dug Tintinear Starwars…………………………………………..


  3. However useful a management tool performance data may be, for A&E, as with all emergency services IMHO, it is a largely pointless exercise informing none beyond the services themselves.
    As often as not these are pored over and cherry picked to make political points rather than effect improvements, Sandesh Gulhane a prize case in point being regularly platformed by Scotland’s media.

    A&E is not a production line, the enormous range of variables which influence the outcomes are known only to those with full access to the facts.

    All we can say is that Scotland’s NHS is performing very well indeed, Scots can see it and are grateful for it – Having a twister with a hairgel fetish who nobody elected tell them otherwise is on a fool’s errand .


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