Scotland’s emergency services get better even in winter and lead NHS England by nearly 20%

Humza Yousaf requests military assistance for NHS boards stretched by  pandemic
You’ve come up to help us, from where?

In NHS Scotland in November 2021, 75.9% of attendances at A&E services were seen and resulted in a subsequent admission, transfer or discharge within 4 hours. This is actually an improvement on the figure of 73.5% for October.

NHS England has been consistently poor at 61.9% for November, the same as for October.

The gap with Scotland has now widened to 11.6% making the Scottish system 18.7% better.

9 thoughts on “Scotland’s emergency services get better even in winter and lead NHS England by nearly 20%

  1. Ah, but …….. Reporting Scotland will headline this Scotland fails AGAIN to meet the 90% A&E target for the umpteenth month in a row.

    Jackie Baillie said, “This is pure bad. Humza Yusaf hus gote tae resign et wance.”

    Sandesh Gulhane said, “Now we know why the SG won’t release data. This is what they have been trying to hide.” When it was pointed out that it was the SG which released the data, DOCTOR Gulhane said, “Why were they hiding the data until now? It is only because we have been demanding the release that we have them. Now we know why they have been hiding the figures.”

    Jackie Baillie said, “Yer pure right aboot that, Sandy. That’s whit the script Ah gote frae Scotland in Union tellt me tae say. Ah actually speak proper because Ah wis privately educatit, but Ah’ve been tellt tae speak like this because it will attract voters in Springburn and Camlachie.”

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  2. Scotland’s services are given the priority they need in order to keep the whole shop ticking over, all having to be managed against huge odds sadly. The contrast between the government in England and the government in Scotland is huge, chalk and cheese. EngGov are disaster capitalists, wrecking essential services especially health care, while pretending to prop them up, ScotGov are giving life saving care to services, (while EngGov has their hand on the switch off life support to the ScotNHS button) because that’s what governments are there to do, for the benefit of everyone, not deliberately wrecking services and selling the remnants to a few dodgy folk abroad as the Tories are doing.
    As has been pointed out, the Tories and their Labour pals in London are standing by, watching the fire burn which they have made, while saying it’ll all be fine in a few months don’t panic people!

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  3. Isolation reduced to 7 days. The lateral flow test is only 60% accurate. People can have covid without any symptoms. None. Some people are not isolating when they should. Not following the rules. If people have been in contact with anyone positive they are better to get the PCR test. Even with no symptoms.

    The lateral flow can be wrong and be negative. People can be still spreading it about. If they do not isolate for 7 days. Although less people are dying than before because of the vaccination programme. It is really important people say if they are positive especially among the vulnerable.

    Definitely cases are lower in Scotland than the South. Scotland has better funded SNHS and social care. (Pro rata). The Westminster Tories do not care unless it affects them. Starmer has had Covid twice in six months. They still have the money coming in unlike some other folk.

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  4. Excited anticipation in the newsrooms! Tomorrow, Scotland will pass the ‘milestone’, ‘iconic’, ‘psychologically significant’ ONE MILLIONTH PERSON INFECTED WITH COVID,

    Will Ian Murray be invited on to reprise his claim that the Nike conference in Edinburgh caused the entire world wide epidemic? Will we have Gary Smith of the GMB revisiting the tale of the ‘slaughter’ in care homes?

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  5. O/T.
    I saw about two minutes of Politics Live and some guy “Angus” was having a rant about Scotland and the SNP.
    “They cant get rid of them—not with our system”!
    I hesitate to think what system he proposes.
    For some reason Spain spring to mind, but it could be anything from a military putsch, to “Springtime with Hitler” where Tory backbenchers get to dress up in their “sexy” outfits.

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    1. Sorry, “Springtime For Hitler”.

      It was only ever the English Monarchy, Aristocracy and assorted press barons who wanted to be “WITH” Hitler.


      1. Don’t know, I missed most of it. I think maybe another man was on about Blair, but I’m really not sure.

        Sir Ed “Balls” Davey is stating if you object to Blair being knighted, then you disrespect the Queen—Oh dear, there goes my “honour”.
        I signed about the 400,000 mark.

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  6. They cannot get rid of the unionists because of the system. D’Hond’t was introduced so the unionists could always have a majority. FPTP there would be no unionists in Holyrood. It was introduced so the unionists could always have a majority. There is a quota. Once the quota is reached. SNP votes go in the bin. Discarded to let third rate unionists in with less votes. STV (Council). The unionists unite to keep the SNP out with more candidates elected. Labour/Tory illegally in collusion. In every election in the south FPTP.


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