8% of the population and 24% of the renewables electricity production


From UK Government data today, we can see that with only 8% of the population, Scotland has generated 23.7% of all electricity generated from renewable sources in 2020.

Readers may remember that for gas it’s 8% of the population and 28% of the production. It’s also 8% of the population and 15% of the social housing and 46% of the trees.

The 8% meme, once a favourite here, has been neglected in the last few years so here’s a reminder of some:

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9 thoughts on “8% of the population and 24% of the renewables electricity production

  1. Scotland 25% in fuel and energy. Pays more for fuel and energy because of Westminster policy and mismanagement. Scotland in surplus and nearer the source should pay 10%+ less for parity.

    Westminster totally mismanaging UK fuel and energy policy. Hickley Point £Billions over time and funding. Scotland paying £Billions for Westminster mismanagement and poor, bad decisions. The Westminster sycophants costing Scotland £Billions, No funding for CCS. Scotland will lose even more. Westminster promises reneged upon constantly.

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  2. Scotland is awash with natural resources…it must be nice to be able to tap into your neighbours wallet and larder and get your energy for free as well. I don’t know, somehow England never seems particularly grateful though. :-/
    Check out @UK_Imports on twitter to see how much energy is taken south from Scotland each day.
    As an aside does anyone know if they who control the national grid in England, reduce output to the grid and if that differs depending on where you are? Our electric heaters definitely give out more heat after about 1am, than they do at 1pm, same setting. Just can’t understand why.


  3. The thing about renewables is Scotland has almost the perfect environmenyt – When you start looking at actual output versus theoretical, Scotland excels, period.

    However, once independent, the electricity generation game falls under a totally new regime :
    SG will be able to control what is exported, at what price, and when – If National Grid throws a strop, the Scottish power company can make hydrogen whilst London pays through the nose for energy from the French etc., ooh la la….
    Yet crucially, renewables investment is no longer at the diktat of people whose purpose in life is to favour London and the south-east.
    Remember those grid connection charges ? What if you invert them.
    What happens when you can no longer dictate the rules ?

    Scotland could double it’s existing energy output easily in a few years, could erase fuel poverty in Scotland through insulation projects and other investments whilst exports climb.
    That 8% could upset a lot of apple carts..

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