You can’t twist these data, Alex


Deep down in the Telegraph piece above, betraying all of us again, is wee Alex Cole-Hamilton, leader of the new Scottish Liberal Conservative Democrat party (SLIKED).

He manages to persuade the Telegraph that measures in Scotland prior to Boxing Day were the the same in Scotland as in the rest of the UK and so cannot be credited with lower infection rates then. He conveniently ignores the months of obligatory face covering wearing in Scotland’s shops and classrooms while Johnson discounted the need for them.

In the last few days, before the latest measures could be expected to have an effect and, of course, justifying them, cases in Scotland have surged to the same level as in England but this rotten cherry-picking completely ignores the overall and considerable effects of better pandemic measures in Scotland:

Image from official sources

As with Andrew Marr, it is always possible to find a day or two among more than 700 when Scotland ‘did less well’ but it means nothing in the light of the big picture.


6 thoughts on “You can’t twist these data, Alex

  1. The Telegraph up for sale. Hardly anyone reads it. Liberal trying to make the break for Westminster. The usual attempt to join the gravy train. Mismanaging and wasting public monies. More propaganda. The small readership going down and down because of the nonsense being printed.

    The Barclay brothers ownership. One is dead The other owes his divorced wife. £100Million. He will not cough up. Frederick Barclay 87 could go to jail for contempt of court.

    The covid virus major attack target. Mainly Elderly men. The Tory donors. The tax evading Barclays have given £Millions in donations to the Tory Party. Based on an island off Guernsey. While the NHS in the south and the Tories are in crisis. For how much longer now the vultures are circling? Thatcher died in the Ritz courtesy of the Barclays. Friendless and alone.

    The LibDems caused all this mess. ConDems cut NHS spending £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. Facilitated Brexit. The betrayal of the students. Student loans increased in the south. The virus. 1 in 16 in London, 1 in 60 in Scotland. The pandemic totally mismanaged by Westminster. Totally ignored to concentrate on Brexit. Another total disaster.

    Another propaganda outfit. Telling as much lies in an outlet run by criminals. The Telegraph. Tory members and the donors are on average male and over seventy with a death wish. Some people never learn. LibDems/unionists in particular. They facilitated the crisis. Now they try and make illegal capital gain from the situation. Wasting more public monies, associating with criminals. Another LibDem/Tory mouthpiece and propaganda. Ready to betray the public and the electorate.

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  2. Last night on the BBC 6 o’clock news during an item on schools in England going back the reporter actually stated that the number of 12-15 year olds vaccinated in Scotland was much higher in Scotland than in England.

    I nearly fell off my seat. The statement came out of nowhere but did show that the reporter had done their homework. Doubt the bosses at BBC news will be pleased with that though.

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  3. The bosses at BBC news will be pleased to be the Unreal Kingdom’s PROPAGANDA Department… Paid for by The TV Licence of £159, as it funds the Untrue Kingdom’s Propaganda Broadcasting… However, like many of us, I don’t pay ANYONE to be professional LIARS!!

    The Establishment

    The Anglo British Authoritarian Regime,
    Regardless of moronic style behaviour…
    Their electorate keep getting them in?
    Scotland’s independence to be saviour!

    Ewen A. Morrison


  4. The BBC costs £5Billion. Funded by the taxpayer. More than the total licence fee. £Billions fund the estate. The offices, land and property. They do sell services worldwide. Series and streaming services. The Scottish Gov could buy some in if Scotland was Independent. Other countries do. Different screening services. Scotland could produce and sell programmes worldwide. A large market. A worldwide audience. They already do. Films, videos too. Made in Scotland. Scotland has a 40 million disaporia,


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