Scottish Cons and Labour call for NHS Scotland to be overwhelmed like NHS England

Boris Johnson has his Churchillian moment at last as he promises the British people only blood, toil, tears and sweat and moves the NHS in England onto a ‘war footing’:

Boris Johnson says he hopes England can “ride out” the current wave of Covid-19 without further restrictions.

But he acknowledged parts of the NHS would feel “temporarily overwhelmed” amid a surge of Omicron cases.

Imagine, again, Scotland’s FM trying that line.

Any how, the Unionist parties have rallied to the PM’s call for more death.

Glasgow Times:

Douglas Ross, Scottish Conservative leader, said: “Scotland has the strictest self-isolation rules anywhere in the United Kingdom. We understand the need for caution, but Nicola Sturgeon’s dithering and delaying is continuing to have a major impact on frontline services and the wider economy, due to the sheer numbers having to isolate.

“She must finally confirm in her latest update that the period of isolation will be cut to seven days, for those who have tested negative twice.”
Glasgow Times:

Jackie Baillie, Labour’s Covid Recovery spokesperson said the virus is not leading to people in hospital and intensive care in the numbers previously feared.

She said: “Cases have risen dramatically in the last week, but thankfully so far the rate of new hospitalisations and people with Omicron in ICU remains low.

“But despite this positive news, the picture for our public services and businesses remains bleak.

“The SNP must use this update to confirm whether they will change self-isolation requirements in line with the latest evidence, to stop staff absences piling yet more pressure on businesses and services this winter.”

Baillie refers to the latest evidence but misses that from her usual allies in the EIS and BMA, opposed to a reduction to 7 days.

I’d reminder her also of this evidence that the FM clearly knows better than the PM with his 20% higher death rate or, indeed, the FM Wales with his 10% higher death rate:

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2 thoughts on “Scottish Cons and Labour call for NHS Scotland to be overwhelmed like NHS England

  1. Selling Scotland down the river as usual—-but NO!

    They are just PATRIOTIC old Engurlundurs!

    Send Scotland’s electricity down to Humberside to make hydrogen and give thousands a job.
    Scots can emigrate–as usual.

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  2. Every bulletin on Good Morning Scotland today led with: “Opposition parties are demanding that the isolation period be cut from 10 days to 7.”

    The now rentaquote, Sandesh Gulhane was on demanding that ‘the evidence be released. What has the SG to hide?’ It was put to him that the data are continually being compiled and the decision will be based on the most recently compiled figures. In addition, couldn’t reducing to 7 increase infection rates? But he did not answer, just repeated, “What do they have to hide?”

    There followed an interview with a Calmac manager. The first question: “would you like to see isolation cut to 7 days.”

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