You can tell A&E patients to ‘stay away’ but only in Wales


Morriston Hospital in Swansea warned its emergency department can only admit patients with a life-threatening illness or serious injury.

A Welsh government spokesperson said: “We have taken early and decisive action to keep Wales safe in light of the spread of the highly-transmissible Omicron variant.

The Welsh Health Secretary makes no comment. The leaders of the opposition parties are silent.

In November 2021, as waiting times grew in Scottish hospitals, the Scottish Government issued new guidelines:

The new guidance means patients with non-life threatening issues will now be referred to GPs or pharmacies.

Some A&Es already have clinicians assessing people at the door to see if they should be admitted or not.

The guidance gives senior nurses and doctors a script to go through with patients to see if they require emergency treatment or could be seen elsewhere.

The Scottish Health Secretary was obliged to defend advice based on expert opinion and the BMA and Labour’s Jackie Baillie was platformed to say:

The health secretary is detached from reality if he thinks the biggest problem here is crowds of people desperate to spend 12 hours sitting in A&E for no good reason.’

Only in Scotland, is the state broadcaster engaged in a process of undermining the pandemic response to enable point-scoring by political groups obsessed with the constitution.

5 thoughts on “You can tell A&E patients to ‘stay away’ but only in Wales

  1. The BBC. Jackie Baillie. Sandesh Gulhane.

    Say it quickly and it morphs into one entity.
    So Jackie and Sandesh are also the BBC in Scotland.
    ………EASY PEASY……….

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  2. Judge.
    “You are Prince Andres lawyer, sir? What is your argument”?

    “Jesus died for all our sins, m’lud. Prince Andrew rests his case”!

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  3. Latest figures for A&E in Scotland published today
    During week ending 19 December 2021:

    “”There were 22,363 attendances at A&E services in NHSScotland.
    73.8% of attendances at A&E services were seen and resulted in a subsequent admission, transfer or discharge within 4 hours.
    1,262 patients spent more than 8 hours in an A&E department.
    425 patients spent more than 12 hours in an A&E department.””

    Just watched the Press Conference. Boris Johnson as gobsmacking as usual. For example, staffing levels have been increased – 5000 more doctors and 10,000 more nurses!!!!!. I assume he is talking/lying about NHS England. I wonder how he defines ‘doctor’s and ‘nurse’s? Somehow I don’t think it would bear much relation to the standard dictionary definition.

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    1. He said they have now put loads of ‘virtual beds’ in place, but it seems in some reports the ‘virtual’ bit was edited out? Folks better learn some serious herbal medicine and find some alternatives to the NHS in England, because they are in serious danger of not having access to even emergency health care. As I’ve said it working like clockwork, oh and where is Sunak? Maybe glued to the phone to his US pals, chatting about how much they’ll all make in shares on the UKok health care companies being established.
      Johnson trying to be Churchillian, he even mentioned war, Scotland, you are in great peril. Run!

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