No calls for heads to roll as EIGHT hospital trusts declare ‘critical incidents’

In only the 39th of 40 paragraphs in the above BBC England report, do we see:

Boris Johnson has warned “considerable” pressure on the NHS is likely to last for weeks to come and said it would be “folly” to think the pandemic was almost over.

Notice, he takes no responsibility despite years of staffing reductions, a post-Brexit flight of staff and damaging privatisation, under his party.

No opposition politician accuses the Conservative Government of a failure to recruit or to retain staff in NHS England. Several chief executives describe the pressure. None takes responsibility for anything.

Readers will know that a hospital building delay, the responsibility of a health board, or a health secretary deciding to protect a family’s privacy, is all it takes here for a pile-on and calls for heads to roll:

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8 thoughts on “No calls for heads to roll as EIGHT hospital trusts declare ‘critical incidents’

  1. The BBC always describes Sajid Javid as the UK Health Minister, therefore he is excused “English” health failures, where no one ever carries the can.

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    1. Been making this point for ages, particularly on The National boards – ‘Britain’, ‘UK’ and the associated symbology are terms the English establishment use when they want to either appropriate something that doesn’t belong to them, or to hide their failures behind. This pandemic has been a classic example – you never see English figures compared to Scotlands regarding NHS performance, covid cases, hospitalisations and deaths in the MSM.

      This is a tactic of the union.

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  2. English Ministers are reported to be doing little (as usual) because the data doesn’t justify taking preventative action,apparently.
    Like being on the sinking Titanic and claiming that there is no need to man the lifeboats because the ship is still afloat.
    The price of electing Tory MPs for their Brexit purity is now being felt and BoJo is now boxed into a corner by his revolting back benchers.

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  3. The situation in England is really worrying and the majority of people are being kept in the dark about just how bad it is, and it is going to get even worse.
    Watch this incompetent trougher.
    Max intermixes ‘Britain’ (a ‘country’) :-/ with England and ‘UK’ a bit too much for my liking, but he does show how dreadful the Tories are, though is far too forgiving of Starmer. Anyway, worth a watch and read of some of the comments.

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    1. Very good video Hetty. If only our MSM did this. Only LBC seem to do this assertive questioning. Have you noticed more media are being negative now about Brexit as well.

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  4. The Tories (ConDems) cut the NHS £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. They made absolutely no attempt to prepare for the pandemic that they were warned was coming. Johnston did not turn up at Cobra meetings. They instead spent all the resources on ‘getting Brexit done’. A total failure. They have increased Defence funding £5Billion a year to £55Billion a year. They are killing the population underfunding the NHS. Eternal hypocrites. Complete and utter chaos.

    The Westminster administration is absolutely appalling. Chronic mismanagement from start to finish killing people unnecessarily. Two years till a GE to face the Ballot Box 2024. Johnstone will be gone. Roll on Independence. To cut Westminster corruption. Worldwide. A murdering criminal being given a knighthood. Disgusting.
    Beyond belief.


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