Lib Dems and Reporting Scotland fake the news of drug-addicted babies


Repeating the Daily Record’s version of the story of 852 babies born addicted to drugs, Reporting Scotland deliberately avoid telling us the fact which we need to know and which, of course, the Lib Dems were devastated to find:

The number of babies born addicted to drugs is in freefall!

There were 249 in 2017-18, 205 the following year and 173 in the last two years. In the first six months of 2021-22, there were only 52, suggesting another dramatic fall from 173 to just over 100.

We’re looking at a steep fall of 60% in just 5 years. Something must be going right in NHS Scotland’s drug treatment services and in the supply of health visitors.

Disgusting reporting.


16 thoughts on “Lib Dems and Reporting Scotland fake the news of drug-addicted babies

  1. The SNP need to draw up visible comparisons and make sure everyone in Scotland can easily access that information. Comparisons about services, societal and infrastructure issues, for want of a better word, since before devolution, after devolution and during the TEN whole years that Labour were at the helm in Scotland, and of course what’s been repaired or partly repaired since the SNP, a real Scottish party who actually work in the interests of their own country and their own people, were voted in as the preferred democratically elected government of Scotland.

    Scotland, the ‘poor man of Europe’, Glasgow, ‘crime and drugs capital’ of Europe and further afield, and just general poverty ridden, useless wasteland tartan tat ‘North Britain’, all while the English cabal have been stealing resources galore from your waters, land and workforce!

    The saying, never look back doesn’t apply to politics, people of Scotland need to know in clear terms just exactly what the English HQ’d parties in power did and didn’t do to their country, their communities and their people.

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  2. Brilliant choice of freeze-frame…
    Con-artist could equally apply to “ACH-yaplonka” as BBC in Scotland’s “Come’on Glenn if ye think ye’re hard enough” or “Sandesh-oes Gulhane”, or the indomitable “hangin’s too good for then Baillie”, a daily cabaret how from Pacific Quay masquerading as balanced journalism.

    None are interested in facts, only politically advantageous propaganda which restores a power which they never really had or will most assuredly never regain if they believe Scots are as think as they bluntly appear to take them for

    Alex Coal-Scuttle is still “Singin oan ma ain”…

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  3. Re. Cole- Hamilton and the ABC ( BBC Scotland )
    ” He Who is Sufficient for Himself, Must be either a Beast or a God ”
    No doubt both believe indeed that they are God,s
    But upon Indy they SHALL be marked as


    1. John
      Utter waste of time to complain
      For at least 1 thing Great Britain is truly
      World beating, class or leading is at
      Wriggling both by Government and its propaganda wing in the form of the ABC
      ( BBC)
      They would be outright easy winners should they ever enter Strictly come Dancing

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      1. Best in the world – the frequently heard Brit claim is certainly true when it comes to propaganda. The Nazis knew this and modelled their evil propaganda on the masters of the dark arts in London.

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    2. Make it so – 18.47 on Distorting Jockland the distortion lackey concedes ‘there has been a reduction, however…’, no mention of a 60% reduction.

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      1. And nothing immediately apparent on the web site setting out the full details showing the downward trend.

        Report was very confused – at one point 2015 made an appearance – so you had to listen carefully to catch the all too brief mention of the reduction in numbers over the 5 years

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  4. He Gets away with it.

    On 29 November 2020, the prime minister wrote on WhatsApp:

    “Hi David I am afraid parts of our flat are still a bit of a tip and am keen to allow Lulu Lytle to get on with it. Can I possibly ask her to get in touch with you for approvals ? Many thanks and all best Boris Ps am on the great exhibition plan Will revert.”

    Lord Brownlow replied:

    “Afternoon Prime Minister, I hope you’re both well Sorry for the delay I was out for a walk and didn’t have my ‘work’ phone with me. Of course, get Lulu to call me and we’ll get it sorted ASAP ! Thanks for thinking about GE2 Best wishes David”

    “I should have said, as the Trust isn’t set up yet (will be in January) approval is a doddle as it’s only me and I know where the £ will come from, so as soon as Lulu calls we can crack on – David”

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  5. People know it is a lowering number.

    The £250million funding over 5 years will cut the numbers. Recently announced.

    The SNP did not cut the funding. The funding was passed down to the (unionists) councils. They did not fund proper total abstinence rehab facilities. Putting people on methadone for years instead. Methadone is more addictive than heroin. All the drug deaths in Scotland occur because people are prescribed methadone (or other drugs) then take other substances. They accidentally overdose.

    The local authorities – heads of drug social departments do not believe in funding proper, total abstinence rehab facilities. They put people on methadone for years in the false belief it is cheaper. It is much better and more cost effective to provide proper drug facilities to help people become drug free, The facilities closed and there were fewer places where SNHS Dr could refer patients. Public/private funding kept more proper total abstinence facilities open.

    A LibDem became an Independent to keeps a unionist administration in power. Corrupt Labour/Tory administration. The head of social work drug policy does not believe in funding proper, total abstinence, drug rehab facilities. Instead the policy is to put people on methadone for years, They were given more funding under social care, They spend it on other social care services.

    Prison £40,000 a year. Police, fire, social services SNHS facilities cost more than proper total abstinence facilities to keep people with addiction problems off alcohol and drugs for ever. AA/NA help and have advice about facilities and services.

    MUP has cut alcohol consumption and deaths. Labour did not support it. Westminster laissez faire licensing policies cause problems. They have the same problems in the south.

    US, UK and Iraq have the highest number of drug problems in the world. The Taliban might stop production, illicit drugs can be produced from other sources. Cocaine and ketamine are in more common use. Really bad for the health.


  6. Sorry for going off topic..

    Has the BBC commented yet on the reason for the big drop in the number of new covid infections in Scotland since Monday?

    On Monday it was reported on BBC News 24, and all their UK news programmes, how Scotland had a record 20,217 new cases!

    I notice Thursday’s daily figure, of 11,360 new cases, is the third day in a row the number of new cases in Scotland has fallen.

    On Tuesday, the BBC Scotland website reported the number of new cases ‘fell slightly’ to 17,243 (it fell by 15%! ), and yesterday it fell again to 16,054.

    I wonder if the tough actions, announced by the First Minister on the 21st December 2021, is the reason why Scotland’s new cases figures are on a downward trajectory?

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    1. There has not been enough time for the restrictions that came into effect on Boxing Day to make a noticeable effect on the numbers. The high number at the beginning of this week may have included more than a day’s worth of cases. Also the apparent drop in numbers since then may be the result of a backlog in tests building up. I think the PHS have qualified the case numbers along those lines.

      I think it will be next week before the effect of the holiday weekend has worked it’s way out of the numbers and the effect of the introduction of the new restrictions work their way through. Something else to consider in coming weeks is what the effect, if any, will be of reducing the self-isolation period on the number of cases.

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  7. Thank you for the reply Legerwood. I accept what you say about arrears and a backlog of tests. In which case, it should also apply to England’s figures.

    When I got back home earlier, I looked up the Travelling Tabby website to find out how many new cases were reported today for England. I have now looked up the daily cases for England over the same period, and it makes for an interesting comparison..

    The figures for England on
    Monday – 136,228
    Tuesday – 148,725
    Wednesday – 149,350
    Thursday – 152, 306

    On Saturday (New Year’s Day) England had 162,572, and on Sunday it was 120,909.

    Scotland with new restrictions down.
    England with no new restrictions up

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