11 thoughts on “BBC Complaint re Alex Cole-Hamilton’s drug-addicted babies

    1. Job done Robert, they know exactly what they are doing. My BritNat elderly neighbours will have even more myths and fake news with which to blame and hate the SNP, the BritNat state is on a propaganda war footing with Scotland truth be told, and the people are collateral.

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  1. Well done John, thanks for all you do for Scotland. Good to see you at Broadcasting Scotland at seven as well…wish more people would share the programme online and support the channel.
    Keep warm if you can folks! Brrrrr.

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  2. The Glasgow Health Board have accused Labour of making inaccurate accusations, Labour have been misinterpreting figures and publishing inaccurate reports. LibDems have been doing the same. They cannot count or read a balance statement. Deliberately distorting figures to try to deceive. No one believes them. They have a history of contempt and lying.

    Illegal wars, austerity and total mismanagement of the pandemic. Westminster appalling bad policies. Cheating and lying to try to cover it up. The warmonger gets an honour. It is disgusting. Wasting Scottish revenues and funds. Unionist parties poor, bad decision and total corruption. Mone at it again. Total corruption.

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  3. In the 6.30pm programme, the section relating to this opened with the announcement of the BIG NUMBER, but mentioned that it was ‘in the past five years’. There was then a piece by Mr Cole-Hamilton in which he was not questioned. The presenter then interviewed the reporter who mentioned that the average per year was ‘under 200’ and that the numbers seemed to be falling. However, he then moved on quickly to reprising the resignation of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Drugs deaths Inquiry. Thus the more accurate data were bracketed by the negatively framed opening and closing pieces which formed the majority of the time allocated.

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  4. I watched the report on Reporting Scotland at 18.30 yesterday vening in disbelief. A totally manufactured story, a non story. The truth is that this was a record of success not the failure which they unashamedly portrayed it as. I really despair with the BBC now. They are totally out of control, totally unaccountable.

    Someone up the ladder is driving this. It’s not wee mistakes. It’s perfidious propaganda which is now being used prolifically while showing utter contempt for the truth.

    The reporter was BBC Scotland Social Affairs Correspondent, Chris Clements. I Tweeted a thread about the inaccuracy of his report to him. Let’s see if [he] responds. Feel free to comment but let’s keep it clean and factual.

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      1. I have complained in the past John but as you are very well aware nothing ever gets done about it no matter how blatantly biased the reporting. You will also be very well aware that this is an insidious problem that has been getting increasingly worse, increasingly more blatant.

        I could complain again but I can’t bear the thought of some ars*hole behind a desk at Pacific quay smirking as they write a stock response to my complaint.


      2. He has responded. He disputes your data.


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