Scottish Labour’s Jackie Baillie lies about hospital beds for kids falling as they actually increase

Noooo! More beds for weans? Those former GMB refuse-worker, research assistants, will need to go.

Only six months since Jackie Baillie lied about Scotland lagging behind the rest of the UK on vaccine rollout at a time when with Wales, we were well ahead of England and N Ireland, she’s back with numbers suggesting she is either challenged or, more likely, plain dishonest.

This time, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) attacked her after she claimed that the average number of available, staffed, paediatric beds at the Royal Hospital for Children fell from 200 in 2011-12 to 120 in 2020-2021.

The board quickly pointed out that the precise figures for common staffed accessible beds as reported by Public Health Scotland is 237 (2019-20) and 230 (2020-21), up from 2011-12.

We await an apology with little hope.

Readers may remember the overall picture on beds:

UK people per hospital bed

Just in case you’re a bit graph-blind, this means that in England, there are 415 people for every bed but in Scotland, only 265 for every bed.

This is very revealing. Scotland has almost twice as many hospital beds per head of population than England and Northern Ireland and more than Wales.

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6 thoughts on “Scottish Labour’s Jackie Baillie lies about hospital beds for kids falling as they actually increase

  1. Is Ms Baillie not the one who has reported Mr Swinney for his use/misuse of ONS figures? Or is it one of the other opposition clones? They are pretty well interchangeable hence the hazy memory of who is behind this latest attempt to smear Mr Swinney.

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  2. I saw the BBC were in similar vein the other night, reporting COVID infections at rate of 1 in 15 in UK as headline. When newsreader, Clive someone or other read out the 4 nations comparison it started with England at 1 in 15 , Wales and Scotland at 1 in 20 and NI at 1 in 25. I couldn’t believe the tone of his voice as he read out these in that order as he obviously was instructed to emphasise the latter ones, giving the erroneous impression that England was best as usual.

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  3. Obesity is the cause of much illness and the need for more SNHS beds and early death. Some people should stop telling lies and apply for diet counselling.


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