What the readers thought of the ratty piece on QEUH

Thanks to iamsoccerdoc for sharing these comments, far more punchy than mine, on the above dross from Alan Rodent:

iamsoccerdoc: I couldnt resist this dreadful story. Here is the exchange I have had so far on their forum. Note the use of “disgusting” without justification

Dr Douglas McKenzie 4 hrs ago
User ID: 1009260
What a load of parochial tosh. The reason “national” news outlets haven’t picked it up is because it isn’t the “horror” that Scottish Labour want it to be. Yes, there have been problems but the hospital as a whole is one of the best performing in Scotland. And it is not as if there have not been genuine horror stories in England’s NHS which have indeed been given the coverage they deserve. Instead of trying to scare people, Labour should concentrate on developing policies that people will vote for.

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Sam Mcdonald 4 hrs ago
User ID: 3680282

Dr Douglas McKenzie (1009260)
wrote: What a load of parochial tosh. The reason “national” news outlets haven’t picked it up is because it isn’t the “horror” that Scottish Labour want it to be. Yes, there have been problems but the hospital as a whole is one of the best performing in Scotland. And it is not as if there have not been genuine horror stories in England’s NHS which have indeed been given the coverage they deserve. Instead of trying to scare people, Labour should concentrate on developing policies that people will vote for.

Why bring England into the debate?

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alasdair galloway 3 hrs ago
User ID: 1017182
8 IF the story is going to be made national then that is the biggest part of the UK that Roden claims isnt following the story. It’s a function of geography and populations distribution.
But hey, why not pick up an irrelevant point of detail – a vanishinglhy small percentage of Dr McKenzie’s post? Yours would then be the same disgusting methodology pursued by Roden and also by Sarwar. If the latter begins another question at FMQs with the prelimnary of his “condolences to …” I think I will be sick. The man is the political equivalent of an ambulance chaser.
Two things in conclusion. Even Roden has the good grace to admit – TWO deaths (which is two deaths too many). Tell us Sam, go on tell us – how many kids have been treated in that hospital since it opened? Then get your calculator and work out what percentage of that total, two – 2 – is? To portray an entire Children’s Hospital on that basis is the scandal.
Then we get to Sarwar. Roden refers to the “bravery” of the mother of poor Millie Main, whose death certificate can be found on the BBC website. This makes clear that in a Doctor’s view, Millie died of a Subarachnoid haemorrhage, which according to the NHS website is “an uncommon type of stroke caused by bleeding on the surface of the brain. It’s a very serious condition and can be fatal” (as it was for instance in the case of the late Davie Cooper). Have you heard those words ever pass the lips of Anas Sarwar, or any of his Acolytes? Say Jackie Ballie. But you probably wont, for Jackie has previous, for there was a serious infection outbreak (I mean really serious and certainly more than 2) at the Vale of Leven infirmary which is in Jackie’s constituency and happened during the time her party was in coalition with the Lib Dems at Holyrood. Bit much even for Jackie – best stick to the calculator.

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mary houston 2 hrs ago
User ID: 1442363
Alasdair, why don’t you Google ” Hospital Inquiry” , read it, try and understand it , then delete your disgusting post.

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alasdair galloway 13 mins ago
User ID: 1017182
1 Mary, I dont doubt that there are problems in that hospital. For one thing, its too big. Our NHS is headed in a bad direction thanks to a coalition of accountants (who love the scale economies of big hospitals) and consultants (who want a line of patients with their patients). The possibility that the economies of scale are diminished or destroyed altogether by the complications posed by big organizations never occurs to the accountants, and the possibility of consultants travelling to the patient (eg a local hospital for initial diagnosis and post op care) is unwelcome.
So I dont doubt there are problems. For one thing the builder is being sued for millions of pounds. But the facts about Millie Main remain – the primary cause of her death according to the attending Doctor was Acute Subarachnoid Haemorrhage. That is just a fact, and if you find it “disgusting” to mention that, well that is just too bad.

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Tom Oaks 1 hr ago
User ID: 1768538
You should delete your post Alasdair

(A) Acute Subarachnoid Haemorrhage
(B) Coagulopathy
(C) Multi system organ failure possibly due to line sepsis due to Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia
(D) Relapsed Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia requiring recent bone marrow transplantation

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alasdair galloway 17 mins ago
User ID: 1017182
2 Acute Subarachnoid Haemorrhage was the primary cause of death. Do you dispute this? Or do you know better than the attending Doctor?
Second cause Coagulopathy – usually blood clots.
Third cause – THIRD – infection in the line causing multiple organ failure.
That is the medical opinion – Acute Subarachnoid Haemorrhage was the primary cause of death.
Now, other than it offends your opinion, tell me why I should delete when I have professional medical opinion on my side.

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4 thoughts on “What the readers thought of the ratty piece on QEUH

  1. If you want a wee bit more. I have included a post by Graham Smith – I hope he doesnt mind

    Tom Oaks 2 hrs ago
    User ID: 1768538
    Do you really,?
    And your medical opinion on the potential cause of the Acute Subarachnoid Haemorrhage is?
    Delete your post Alasdair, you don’t know what you are talking about.
    alasdair galloway 2 hrs ago
    User ID: 1017182
    7 No I personally am not stating my own medical opinion. I am not qualified to do that. I am only repeating the medical opinion of someone (the Doctor who signed the death certificate) who is.
    What is your problem with Acute Subarachnoid Haemorrhage . These things happen. Consult that NHS website. There you will find the following under “causes”
    “A subarachnoid haemorrhage is most often caused by a burst blood vessel in the brain (a ruptured brain aneurysm).
    A brain aneurysm is a bulge in a blood vessel caused by a weakness in the blood vessel wall, usually at a point where the vessel branches off.
    As blood passes through the weakened vessel, the pressure causes a small area to bulge outwards like a balloon.
    Occasionally, this bulge can burst (rupture), causing bleeding around the brain. More than 8 out of every 10 subarachnoid haemorrhages happen in this way.
    A brain aneurysm doesn’t usually cause any symptoms unless it ruptures.”
    Other causes it says include
    “It’s not known exactly why brain aneurysms develop in some people, although certain risk factors have been identified.
    These include:
    high blood pressure
    excessive alcohol consumption
    a family history of the condition
    severe head injury
    autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD)”
    Now – you seem medically qualified Tom – give me the connection between infection from her line to Acute Subarachnoid Haemorrhage. I am not disputing that the infection was not a contributory factor, but not the primary cause. You seem determined to transform infection to primary cause and just forget about a disastrous bleed on her brain, Now, that is disgusting.

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    Tom Oaks 2 hrs ago
    User ID: 1768538
    You are using a 10 year’s old death certificate to score political points against Sarwar when you acknowledge you have no medical background.
    The simple fact is neither you or I know what caused the poor girl’s death, that is part of the reason they are holding a judge led inquiry and the police are carrying out a criminal investigation.

    Let’s leave it there Alasdair.

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    alasdair galloway 34 mins ago
    User ID: 1017182
    0 No Tom let’s not. You are accusing me of “scoring political points against Sarwar”. Tom, THIS was Sarwar’s political crusade. If anyone has politicised this issue it is he. And you want to accuse ME of scoring political points when all I have done is to highlight the medical opinion of her Doctors.
    Oh, and one other thing – I have given you background on subarachnoid haemorrhage and challenged you to tell us how we get from line infection to subarachnoid haemorrhage. You havent even tried to do so. But mind you, neither does Sarwar. Disgusting!
    Lastly, I quite agree with Mr Smith.

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    Graham Smith 2 hrs ago
    User ID: 1025187
    Alasdair, Tom prefers to focus on the third listed cause – “Multi system organ failure possibly due to line sepsis due to Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia”.

    As is his way, Tom just ignores the “POSSIBLY” in that paragraph.

    He also doesn’t address the question –

    Where exactly is the coverup when this possibility is listed on the death certificate for all to see?

    It’s really shameful the way people are jumping on the bandwagon and exploiting a bereaved family just to score tawdry political points. By all means criticise those who deserve it, but at least have the decency to wait till the inquiry report is published.

    It’s the Salmond inquiry all over again – pre-empt the inquiry’s findings and make further complaints of coverup if these findings don’t agree with what you want to be true.

    By the way, I’m no expert, but before it opened and like yourself, I made the same comments many times about this hospital being too big. It’s also in a poor location for public transport with inadequate parking for private transport. Having said that, I know many who have received excellent treatment there.

    I even know a few who’ve died there, but not because of poor treatment – simply because not everyone can be saved.

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    mary houston 1 hr ago
    User ID: 1442363
    Graham, once again Google ” Hospital Inquiry” and then read it, try and understand it and delete your disgusting post.
    alasdair galloway 18 mins ago
    User ID: 1017182
    0 I did Mary, and inter alia, I found these things
    1. the report on hospital acquired infection at the Vale of Leven, during the Labour/ Lib Dem admin in the noughties
    2. The Stafford Hospital scandal, which “concerns poor care and high mortality rates amongst patients at the Stafford Hospital, Stafford, England, during the first decade of the 21st century. ”
    You can even find an inquiry about the “Bellahouston Inquiry” but that was about 100 years ago. There must be very few hospitals on which there hasnt been an inquiry. I am not underestimating the problem Mary – it is a very large organization (too large as I have said already) and mistakes will be made. But to generalise from a relatively (in terms of the size of the hospital) based on evidence from people who are not medically qualified (even if they are parents) is not a good course of action.

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  2. I have a boiler on the blink, but have a service plan. I have had 5 visits from three engineers in the last three weeks. Every request for an engineer requires a run-down on the problems. But every engineer who comes, also requires the full information, as he has only been given a sketch (turns out I need a new boiler) from the office.

    The relevance? My dear guid-mither had many things wrong with her, and required GP visits and many trips to the hospital. Her case file was a couple of inches thick, but doctors only seemed to look at the last entry. Her three daughters had many exasperated “discussions” with doctors as to why they had missed some aspect of her previous treatments/symptoms/drug regime.
    Medical staff are busy (and getting busier), so unless they get “time” with their patients, and better hand-overs, some part of the treatment can be missed.
    I trust doctors, nurses and others in the “trade, but medical bureaucracies are no different to any other kind; things get lost, forgotten, discarded.
    As for the Opinionators in the media? Their selected knowledge is filtered through their bias, and their opinions no better (and less entertaining) than the drunk in the corner of the bar.

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  3. Whoever masterminded this smear campaign over QEUH knew exactly what they were doing, manoeuvring the propaganda as the campaign progressed, dumping what was failing, pressing on with that which caused pause for thought, strangely reminiscent of the Brexit campaign.
    What raised the alarm for me was when the media were simultaneously extrapolating a link between water supplies, drainage, a pre-handover legionnaire check in showers, incontinent pigeons outside the building, and a sterile cannula attached to a child in a critical care environment, simply due to “possibly” having been entered as potential contributory factor on the death certificate.

    Sarwar is too thick and the Labour Party too disorganised to have orchestrated all of this, but he is absolutely guilty of trying to capitalise on it for political purpose.
    The BBC in Scotland were the primary drivers of this story, but the spooks who were feeding them did not come from SLAB but HMG in my honest opinion.

    We should remember that a death certificate is not the end of the matter when a patient dies, it fires a review of the case to search for any clues which may assist in future cases or identify negligence.
    The records of all deceased at QEUH will have been further examined in minute detail as this smear was developed via the media, were there the slightest cause for concern the then Health Secretary would have stated precisely that with neither fear nor favour.
    Every shred of information on the highlighted deaths has been meticulously examined by multiple experts and no fault found.

    Alan Roden is indeed attempting to re-kindle this failed smear campaign, whether to rescue Sarwar from self-generated oblivion or allow the BBC in Scotland to report it as a media story of interest is too early to say.
    Yet why now ? Distraction to England’s woes ?

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    1. They have to write something to fill their rag, but with BawJaws & SavagedJavid on holiday and infections raging, not enough testing getting done, not enough test kits etc they could find plenty except they are looking elsewhere. After all it doesn’t do to criticise their paymasters.

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