‘More concerned to inform us of the content of a Tory press feed’

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Scottish Cons spokesperson on transport and editor of ‘The Sneering Column’

From stewartb

It’s really becoming too easy to counter the journalistic output from BBC Scotland. But whilst it’s possible to counter the substance, it’s much, much harder to counter the amplification afforded by the BBC’s reach. On substance, I’d like to add my ‘easy’ tuppence worth.

This is from the RAC Foundation’s web site on road spending by national government. We learn that inflation adjusted current road expenditure (i.e. OPEX not CAPEX) by UK ‘Central Government and Public Corporations’ fell from £1,569 billion in 2008/09 to £0.962 billion in 2017/18 before rising to £1,529 billion in 2019/20. What is the party of government in the UK?

Also, inflation adjusted current road expenditure by Local Government across GB has fallen steadily from £1,914 billion in 2009/10 to £0.499 billion in 2019/20.

And then we can look at road traffic fatalities and casualties using Department of Transport data for GB:

Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/reported-road-casualties-in-great-britain-provisional-estimates-year-ending-june-2021/reported-road-casualties-in-great-britain-provisional-estimates-year-ending-june-2021

Chart 1 gives: ‘Estimated total casualties, all road traffic (billion vehicle miles), fatalities and KSI (adjusted) in Great Britain, year ending June 2011 to year ending June 2021’.

It shows that since 2011 the number of fatalities has been fairly stable until the total dropped with onset of the pandemic. The total number of road casualties has steadily fallen over the period since 2011.

So OPEX on roads drops for most of the period since 2008/09 without any uptick in either road fatalities or casualties! Correlation, causality?

Have the editors (those news story selectors) and the journalists (those fact checkers, perspective givers, critical thinkers, questioning professionals!) in BBC Scotland once again been more concerned to inform us of the content of a Tory press feed than actually ‘inform’ us?

2 thoughts on “‘More concerned to inform us of the content of a Tory press feed’

  1. Going out shortly, and wont be back till next year………………………..!
    So, all the best to everyone at the bells.

    A wee dram, and a toast to independence.
    One day soon, the dream will come true!

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  2. All the best to everyone at TuS for the New Year and of course 2022. Have a good Hogmanay night all. I’m out of action having had the booster yesterday, ‘Moderna’ was the only choice (grrr) and I feel absolutely dreadful. Not as bad as my cousin in NE England though who had a horrendous reaction to it with blue lights required and was in hospital for two days.
    See you in 2022, for some reason that number 22, reminds me of when my mother used to go to the bingo lol! 🙂


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