Scotland ‘odd one out’ as cases struggle to keep up with England’s ‘tsunami’

Scotland has reported 11 962 new cases and 13 deaths in the same period as England’s record-breaking performance enabled by the Johnson regime’s ‘open-house’ policy.

Per head, the infection rate is 34% higher and the death rate 37% higher, in England. Savid Javid must be very, very, proud.

Cameron McNeish has reported Aviemore full of English folk. Have all the locals gone to Carlisle?

LATEST: Dumfries pub-owner tells BBC Scotland: ‘I hope that wee Hitler Nicola Sturgeon is happy!

She might be.

4 thoughts on “Scotland ‘odd one out’ as cases struggle to keep up with England’s ‘tsunami’

  1. I doubt even with the best will in the world that SG can prevent the onslaught which is about to hit us from England.
    We are again stuck with what an elitist blonde idiot in London decides, all we can do is slow the progress to allow some normality to prevail and allow normality to function.
    As to the Dumfries bar-owner’s eloquence, jawohl ya erse…

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    1. This is what Jason Leitch and the others have been saying since the start of December although they diplomatically avoid making criticisms of England or the UK Government.

      He was quite explicit that the strategy is to seek to ‘stretch out’ the rise in infections, so that the growth is more gradual. This will reduce the rate of growth of numbers having to go into hospital and put the NHS under less pressure.

      The longer period will allow more people to be vaccinated and, as more information becomes available about the severity of omicron, then we will be in a better position to make decisions about length of isolation, numbers at events indoors and out, etc.

      Given the rapacious profit driven mendacious aggression, I will be thinking seriously about future patronage of the inhospitabilty industry. There are a number of small independents, owner run, in my area, which I can use.

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      1. From what I’ve been reading on Omicron analysis the prognosis is positive, IF we can keep a lid on numbers and interfere with it’s rapid infection rate.
        The problem is the Delta variant which although being overtaken in prevalence by Omicron is not yet erased but co-exists, what the WHO described as a perfect tsunami – Who knew Jackie Baillie was a contributor to WHO…
        Yes, vaccination takeup is important, but even more so is slowing infections if society is to continue to function with some degree of normality.

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