Grenfell: What British politicians might have learned from their Scottish counterparts decades ago

In a bizarre report from thousands of miles away in Australia, BBC UK tell us tonight how the state of Victoria acted quickly after the Grenfell disaster and began to remove flammable cladding.

They clearly missed a clue in their own August 2021 report into a Glasgow tower block, where despite it having flammable panels, the fire did not spread up the building, was contained on one floor and no one was hurt.

Surely that’s intriguing and suggestive of something that might be learned?

I’ve explained it many times before. Here it is again:

The Chimney Effect

This cannot happen in Scotland

As I understand it, it is not so much the flammability of the material used as the construction of the external cladding to deny the spread of fire via a chimney effect.

Reader Gordon Darge wrote for us in January 2020:

As a chartered architect in Scotland for 40 years I can confirm that the Building Regulations Technical Standards Scotland have for two decades required cavity fire barriers

2.4 Cavities
Mandatory Standard
Standard 2.4
Every building must be designed and constructed in such a way that in the event of an outbreak of fire within the building, the spread of fire and smoke within cavities in its structure and fabric is inhibited.

This includes for example, around the head, jambs and sill of an external door or window opening, at all floor levels and building corners etc. to prevent the spread of fire in building cavities. This would have prevented the spread of the fire at Grenfell Tower.

This is difficult and expensive to achieve and I can only guess that in England they did not follow the Scottish model because Westminster and the Tories were led by the vested interests of big business, property developers and large construction firms.

For anyone wanting more info see:

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5 thoughts on “Grenfell: What British politicians might have learned from their Scottish counterparts decades ago

  1. What makes my blood boil over such BBC “features” is not building regs or insulation differences but that it deliberately turns a blind eye to the neutering of building and fire inspectors, pivotal in Scotland, pivotal in Australia, but not in Kensington, London in 2015+.

    I understand your anger John that Scotland had different standards and should not be lumped in with the UQ, but this pastiche is to cover the arses of Tories in Government and Kensington from going to jail over mass homicide.

    And the man central to the London Tory mafia was none other than Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, the man who “streamlined” London Fire Brigade.

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    1. Indeed. I was reading some of this, not light reading(!) last night, it’s worth a look. I really like this site.
      Things have not changed really much in 300+ years…we gotta get out of this place.

      There’s much more there if you have time folks, aw the best

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  2. Fire sale.

    Blair the mass murderer get a knighthood. There could be no more complete evidence of Westminster corruption. An absolute scandal. He should have got a live in jail. Along with the rest of the murdering parasites. The corruption is rife. Stinks.

    Vote Tory to die younger. Killing off their own members. The majority male over seventy. Life expectancy going down in the south. The first time in forty years. The Tory days are numbered. They will face the Ballot Box. The grime reapers. Roll on Independence. To put an end to UK strife and corruption.


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