Did Leitch ‘the bigger presence’ refuse?

Scottish Sun

He has accepted a CBE in the past but did Jason Leitch turn down a knighthood, obliging them to go to the less prominent (check their wiki pages) Smith?

I think I’m right in saying that Leitch has had a far greater presence in the pandemic.

I notice, also, that Smith, the Larkhall GP, is only an honorary associate prof and, so, doesn’t use it.

I hope Leitch did refuse because the reasons for doing so are obvious. Tony Blair, a war criminal had he been on the losing side, is now Sir Tony Blair.

Readers will know of many more.

14 thoughts on “Did Leitch ‘the bigger presence’ refuse?

  1. Absolute corruption. The appalling mass murderer gets a knighthood. Killing millions of innocent people and wasting £Billions. If there was even any more example of Westminster absolute total corruption. From the bottom to the top. Total killing corruption. He should be behind bars for ever. The absolutely rotten ‘honours’ system. No wonder most people want nothing to do with it.

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  2. Firstly a very happy New Year to all at TUS and all your pro indy readers and supporters. Yes Patronage and Privilege that most Unionists hold so dear the source of so much corruption and deceit.

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  3. Frankly it makes little difference, it’s all political cover for Whitty, Vallance and Van Tam being rewarded for their astute avoidance of dropping the Prime Charlatan and assorted Ministers right in it.

    I was more amused by the Scum’s banner headline of “Scots flood into England to live it up”, all 3 of them inset to the left, less a flood than a drip…

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  4. Happy New Year to you and your family John,the best honour as far as we are concerned goes to you John for your sterling work in debuncting all the lies told by MSM,DRoss,Sarwar and the rest.

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  5. Yes they gave all 4 Chief Medical Officers a knighthood but I agree that was really all about Whitty.
    Leitch’s equivalent in engerland not involved in briefings so no bribe necessary and therefore no need to spread it around the territories (or should that be principalities)

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  6. John, wishing you a happy and healthy new year. Thanks to you and your contributers for all the efforts to highlight the other side of the stories.

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  7. Happy New Year to you and your family, John . Keep up the good work.

    Yes Jason Leitch was by far the bigger presence. Regular appearances on GMS , Drivel Time Call Kaye and Stuart and Tam’s “Off The ball”
    Felt recently That JL was well fed up with the BBC’s damaging attitude to the Health message he and the Scot Gov had worked so hard to deliver.

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  8. Interesting that all these honours have been handed out to Whitty, Harries et al before the inquiry into the handling of the pandemic takes place.

    Happy and Healthy New Year John to you and yours and to all posters on this blog.

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  9. Happy New Year to John and all followers on here for a blog, a mine of information, which many if not most have used in spats with the Brits! Keep up the good work!


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