98.6%? What!? Go to your room!

It’s one of those situations where you either laugh or lose it altogether and run off shrieking, shedding your clothes and jumping into the nearest loch.

Look at that headline. Scotland’s electricity consumption from renewables – minus net exports – was 98.6%.

Two things:

First, the UK figure, even benefiting for the Scottish contribution, was 35.9%. The figure for England will be even lower.

BBC UK has not commented on this miss.

3 thoughts on “98.6%? What!? Go to your room!

  1. Another amazing success story. While Scotland pays more pro rata because of Westminster fuel and energy policy. No parity. The £Billions that were/are secretly and illegally siphoned off to fund London S/E.

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  2. Note again John, author unattributed… SO Spooks ?
    It’s too coherent to be Bowie, and flouncing Jack is preoccupied with a Dumfries taxi-driver he’d booked solid over NY to Carlisle trying to negotiate a discount..

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  3. 100% target “missed”, that’s a good one. Wonder how many UK targets are 100% never mind anything like achieved, certainly never without fiddling the stats, that’s for sure. Like the one where UK were promising to offer boosters to (forget the percentage) by end of year, today. Bet they won’t even mention it in days to come, never mind holding them to account in missing that target.

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