Tories gamble with lives as hospitalisation soars to twice that in Scotland

At the beginning of December 2021, the Johnson regime seems to have decided to return to their thinking in March 2020, when he said on TV:

Perhaps you could take it on the chin, take it all in one go and allow the disease, as it were, to move through the population, without taking as many draconian measures. I think we need to strike a balance.

The current refusal to follow the three devolved nations with their stricter measures and the bullish insistence today that Scots are welcome to party in England on the 31st, confirms the return of the essentially Nazi Herd Immunity strategy.

Already the chickens are returning to fade away on their roosts:

Hospital admissions are now almost twice the level in England after a week or two of being between 50% and 90% higher. London, is already over the limits and NHS England today announced it was on a ‘war footing’ with plans for ‘nightingale’ facilities to be set up.

Regardless of its relative mildness, the mass of infections mean that it will still kill.

Already the death rate in England is pushing twice that in Scotland:

1 in a 100 000 seems small at first sight but, for England, that’s 54 every 7 days, half of them avoidable with Scotland’s measures.

And for every death, another five, often younger, scarred for life by the damage the virus does to their internal organs and minds.

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10 thoughts on “Tories gamble with lives as hospitalisation soars to twice that in Scotland

  1. Criminal that’s what this is. The Conservatives followed dogma to give us the economic disaster that is Brexit and they are doing the same with Covid. My wife and I are really angry at them, fuming.
    We are equally annoyed at our fellow citizens that flout Covid health control measures. They are either selfish, stupid or both. Rant over!!

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  2. One thing that is rarely if ever mentioned when it comes to the damage caused by Covid is the cost to children. How many have been orphaned because of Covid killing their parents? How many have been left the poorer because they have lost a parent and are now part of a struggling single-parent family?

    What is the cost to them? Does anyone in this God awful UK Gov ever give a thought to the devastation their failure has caused to families and the children in those families?

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  3. ‘Omi gamble’, sigh at the ‘Omi’, but yes the English cabal are gambling with peoples’ lives and they do not care one bit, the people are collateral.
    I watched Dr. J. Campbell’s Youtube video yesterday, I was really quite disappointed and actually concerned. I wrote this in response to a comment about him at WGD.
    I could be wrong of course, but this time last year he’d have been head in hands in despair at the lack of care and action and protections by the English cabal in Westminster. Hmm, he is not a government health adviser, but is well respected internationally for his reporting and apparent accuracy about the pandemic.

    I used to subscribe to Dr. Campbell he has covered the pandemic really well and seriously criticised the English government for their slow response and incompetent manner in dealing with the situation. However according to the Dr. there is almost no difference in approach, or policy, or outcome
    between Scotland and England, if he bothers to mention Scotland at all. I noticed yesterday that his data paper on the screen was specific to ‘England’ yet he kept saying ‘uk’ UK and very quickly scrolled past maps showing data across the UK which clearly showed (what I could see in about second on screen) that England has far more badly infected areas than the rest of the UK.
    I found his optimistic message a bit worrying given that new year is tomorrow, he wasn’t being cautious and seemed to be going with the English governments’ stance but then he did stop any criticism of them some time back, almost as if someone had had a word in his ear. His channel does get a lot of views including internationally, and he’s well respected, so I find it concerning that he has stopped what was some very justified criticism of the Johnson cabal. I don’t think he has a positive view of Scotland, (UK is all one country, especially when England’s situation is catastrophic) and that’s been the case throughout, but to stop being critical of the English government, when it’s clear that they are making an absolute hash of the crisis, is a worry.

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    1. Also having seen the numbers of folks with Covid in London via ‘trending’ on twitter, huge hospitalisations, far too many in ICU, and their NHS is really struggling, and they have had to stop people from visiting family in hospital due to the spread of infection. The whole of London is not doing well, their health services are at breaking point, yet the positive message from some who should be warning people to take all steps to protect themselves and their families because their (English) government most certainly is not.

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  4. The Omicron “gamble” on this occasion may possibly pay off if the evidence of effects keep mounting as they appear to be, but the jury is still out.
    What is of greatest concern is incidence of collateral effects, but it will be months before a consensus begins to form.

    Were Johnson & Co so sure of their facts, would they have engaged in such a disgraceful propaganda campaign (principally via BBC) to challenge the logic of NI, Wales, Scotland, and by default the rest of the planet, to fall into line behind a known liar and cheat ?
    Would they have gone to so much trouble to coincidentally arrange for the PCR testing system and LFT stocks to unexpectedly fail ?

    The next two weeks may prove instructive from England’s experience of “herd immunity” but I fully expect major disruption as all and sundry go sick collapsing their infrastructure.

    By way of side note the Pacific Quay – For god’s sake remove that political mercenary Gulhane from further discussions – He may be a legend in your eyes but he’s a stye to the rest of us, hairgel and all.
    “Balance” and Bollox are not the same, they only begin with the same letter, BBC.

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    1. “Would they have gone to so much trouble to coincidentally arrange for the PCR testing system and LFT stocks to unexpectedly fail ?”

      What a good job Wales had stocked up and could loan them 4m test kits. 😀

      To be fair to WM (bear with me, Mr L) I’m not sure the shortage is altogether planned. Apparently Wales has now loaned WM 10 million kits, so they seem to constantly under-order.

      If I were a cynic, I might wonder if they were following the Orange Wonder’s advice that if you don’t/can’t test the number of cases goes down…

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  5. Vote Tory die younger. The total mismanagement of the pandemic. Along with people who do not follow the rules and isolate. Get tested and isolate.

    The Tories have cut the isolation period to 7 days. Whether that makes a difference? Who knows.

    The majority of the Tory Party members male and over seventy. The Tories will pay the price at the Ballot Box. Along with all the increased unnecessary deaths. The Tory grime reapers. They do not give a damn. Until it happens to them.

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  6. And – presumably – when the English hospitals are utterly overwhelmed, patients will be shipped North… Not so they can be cared for in Scotland’s better resourced NHS, but so the deaths can be counted against Scotland rather than England. Sick thought of the day. Sorry.

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