Scotland’s hospitals’ huge success in keeping Covid off wards

This figure is an epidemic curve of COVID-19 cases with first positive specimen taken during an inpatient stay. The length of the bars are the counts of COVID-19 cases during each week, from week ending 1 March 2020 to week ending 5 December 2021, with the bars broken down by hospital onset status: non-hospital onset (day 1 or 2 of in-patient stay), indeterminate hospital onset, probable hospital onset and definite hospital onset. The chart shows a steep increase in overall cases and definite hospital onset cases until a peak on week ending 5 April 2020. This is followed by a decline in overall cases and definite hospital onset cases since this peak; few cases were observed during July and August 2020. A subsequent increase was observed in overall and definite hospital onset cases from week ending 30 August 2020, plateauing towards the end of 2020, followed by a further increase in overall and definite hospital onset cases from week ending 3 January 2021 to a peak on week ending 17 January 2021. After the peak in January 2021, there was a decline in overall and definite hospital onset cases, with very few hospital onset cases seen in April and May 2021. Cases began to rise from week ending 20 June with peaks in overall hospital onset on week ending 11 July 2021 and week ending 12 September 2021. Figures have been relatively stable for the past 13 weeks.

The total number of COVID-19 cases reported to ARHAI Scotland this week (week ending 5 December 2021) was 20,014. Of these, 28 (0.1%) were reported as definite hospital onset (first positive specimen date was 24 or more days after admission to NHS board). In the previous week (week ending 28 November 2021) there were 60 (0.3%).

Even if we put together the definite, probable and indeterminate cases, only 0.6% of those may have been caught in the wards.

Even at the peak in January, with many more admissions daily, only 1% of cases were definitely picked up on the wards and at most 2-3% may have been.

Public Health England does not publish comparable data, but:

According to the Telegraph on 23 December 2021, one in three, 33% may have caught the virus in hospital, in recent weeks.

In October 2020, the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine at Oxford put the rate in English hospitals at between 18% and 23%.

No doubt, more than one factor explains this stark contrast but one obvious explanation from 2008, stands out:

NURSES in Scotland will not be expected to taken on extra cleaning under a directive to bring domestic services back in-house.

Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon announced the move to end outsourcing of catering, cleaning and porter services across all NHS clinical premises at a Scottish National Party conference at the weekend.


3 thoughts on “Scotland’s hospitals’ huge success in keeping Covid off wards

  1. Thank heaven for Scotland medical people.

    Stalwarts in the face of a tsunami of utter crapperoony from our colonial media, DRossie and Starwar propaganda, and Cauld-Ham jumpin’ up’n’doon in the background.

    “Come winter-blast, blaw wi aw’ yer micht,
    Blaw Cauld-Ham, far, far, fae oor sicht.
    He hings aroon wi’ that Wee Wullie,
    His mither telt him, ye look awfa silly.
    Bromance dancin’, in the fu moon licht”!

    Going by the polls, he will have his e’en tae dicht.

    ………………..Mair than his erse!

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  2. There is no doubt whatsoever Scotland’s NHS have been outstanding in reducing nosocomial infections and continue to do so, that the then Health Secretary had the temerity to resist the UQ privatisation drive can be fairly described as pivotal.

    Thousands of NHS staff stepped up to the mark and to this day daily review how they might further refine it, that is a credit to them all, current and retired.

    The factory mentality of the Tories is for England to choose electorally, Scots choose decency and life.

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  3. OT- I note the BBC’s last Tardis expedition has disappeared back into the wormhole from which it was first incubated with presumed father the Forres Gump this evening.
    Presumably the SO propagandists realised with NY coming up another 24 hour old story a year later might seem a bit obvious.
    Yes, this the is the news that the “Scotland ‘too cautious’ on self-isolation, says Tory leader” story has finally been demoted at 7 days old 🤣
    Glenn Campbell is expected to make a formal announcement regarding the wake shortly, once he gets over the stench…


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