BBC Scotland only sees Scots travelling to England for health service

Bias by omission can be as effective as the distortions in that which is reported

Today, in the Record, we read:

English families are being asked to travel to Scotland to get a PCR test as shortages continue to hit the country amid a spike in coronavirus cases.

One woman from Kirklees in West Yorkshire, who asked not to be named, told Yorkshire Live about her own fears and said:

“My family are currently trying to get PCR tests as (we) have covid symptoms and the nearest place to get a PCR test is in Scotland.

Yorkshire Live also tried to access a PCR test and were also told Scotland was the nearest place to get them.

BBC Scotland is not covering this story.

In January 2021, they missed this too:

Coronavirus patients needing urgent medical treatment in northern England are being sent to Scotland as an increasing number of hospitals now face being overwhelmed. Patients in Cumbria who would normally be taken to the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle have instead been dispatched across the border to Dumfries, The Independent has learnt. The move came after the hospital triggered the highest Opel (operational pressures escalation level) alert, essentially an admission of being “unable to deliver comprehensive care”.

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But, Scots travelling to England for health services is another thing for BBC Scotland. They love it:

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6 thoughts on “BBC Scotland only sees Scots travelling to England for health service

  1. My son was in England today delivering a vehicle and, as it happens, he had occasion to be in Carlisle with an hour to spare before getting his train home. I recommended a pub, handy for the station, which is known to sell very fine real ales, and he duly arrived at said premises, to find that they were closed because of covid.

    The moral is that if you intend to be part of the many thousands heading south for the bells. Phone ahead first.

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  2. Well spotted again, John. Propaganda by omission is BBC Scotland’s most pernicious tactic, whether it’s omission of context or just plain facts. I look forward to their day of reckoning.

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    1. Goebels
      Was a absolute master of using omission
      As the most powerful tool in his propaganda box
      Once clearly stating that the most dangerous enemy the State can ever have is a properly informed population
      Of all the facts
      He stated this was more lethal than the most powerful of enemies you will ever encounter on the field of battle
      Make up your minds as to whether or not
      ABC (BBC ) are none other than The States propaganda machine


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