Sturgeon warmly praised by real experts. Herald binned.


First the ‘fire’. What a surprise, dumb-dumb bullets from a failed dentist and a failed farmer.

The Herald prides itself on its professional values and being trusted so the above will be balanced by a prof or two? Nope.

I’ll get them for you. Recently:

Since the early stages (2 May 2020):

In terms of communication going forward, I must say I think the Scottish Government has been far better and more transparent than some other parts of the world, including Westminster, from my personal view, but the communication needs to be nuanced. So, in Scotland, the first thing we must build, and I think we have a lot of it already, credit to the First Minister and her team, is trust. Trust in the Government and then once we start to ease the lock-down, using Ireland as an example, where I think their government’s been quite clear.

Professor Linda Bauld on BBC Scotland.

Enough? No? How about the World Health Organisation’s special envoy on October 27 2021:

The Covid-19 special envoy for the World Health Organisation has said Scotland has handled the Covid pandemic “remarkably well” and its “spirit will shine through” to inspire Cop26 delegates to match the country’s level of precaution.

So, three profs and a special envoy against Sarwar and Ross? The Herald’s purpose is?


3 thoughts on “Sturgeon warmly praised by real experts. Herald binned.

  1. What a nasty rag the Herod is. They and others in the UK English media use the classic tactic of publish a slightly more positive story about the Scottish government every once and a while, then publish a constant stream of ‘Sturgeon’ bad, SNP bad stories.
    That’s what they mean by balance, and it’s designed to keep the public buying their lies, well as much as they can, it’s not quite working though is it.

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  2. The Herald, like BBC Hootsmon and The Hootsmon, is now a front outlet for the Tories/Brit Nat Labour, who operate (under orders) in Scotland.

    Scotland “out of step”—but only with the Boris Bullsh!t Corporation England.

    Labour Wales, Northern Ireland and most of the Continent of Europe are following the same health-related rules.

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  3. L.B.J can’t change the rules in England. He is trussed up like a chicken by the European Research Group, the mad group of Tory M.Ps, who, at the slightly sign of him deviating from their “herd immunity” policy, will make sure his a**e hits the pavement outside No.10 with an almighty thud.


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