Scotland’s emergency services faster again and leaving NHS England far behind

Humza Yousaf requests military assistance for NHS boards stretched by  pandemic
You’ve crashed another of our ambulances, in the car park? Into another three? The clutch is a bit light compared to his tank?

During week ending 19 December 2021, 73.8% of attendances at A&E services were seen and resulted in a subsequent admission, transfer or discharge within 4 hours, up from 69.7% in the previous week.

NHS England have yet to publish any December data yet but in November, the averaged only 61.9%. In December, I expect them to fall below 60% or fake the results or decide not to publish them at all, once Savid Javid has seen them.

Northern Ireland could teach them a thing or two as they only publish quarterly.

Interestingly, NHS Tayside, BBC Scotland’s preferred target for supposed failures, hit more than 95% for the umpteenth time.

10 thoughts on “Scotland’s emergency services faster again and leaving NHS England far behind

  1. Northern Ireland publish quarterly. They are missing a trick. When Labour/LibDems were in power in Holyrood they published A&E times annually – yep, annually. They took the figures over a 4-7 day period in April from a fixed number of A&E depts. April is not generally known as being one of the busiest months in A&E. It was not until later in 2006 that they started to publish the stats quarterly. Then in 2007 the SNP became the ruling party at Holyrood and Labour went on and on at them to publish monthly then weekly.

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  2. It amazes me that ANY hospital/Health Board would continue to provide these statistics in the middle of a pandemic .
    Self-evidently the patients /cases seen will be completely different from the norm . Time for some ‘grown-up’ thinking in providing these figures .
    ( Yes , I know the Opposition love them as this is about the only line of attack they have against the Scottish Government ! )


    1. It is certainly the case that opposition politicians abuse/misuse these statistics but that is incidental to the primary purpose of providing the data which still needs to be produced and even more so in a pandemic when there is an obvious build-up of pressure in the system. Hospitals and departments/wards within hospials need to know what is happening and where the pressure points are occurring. Knowing that helps in the throughput of patients and the deployment/redeployment of staff.

      I don’t think it is self-evident that there has been a change in the people/cases presenting at A&E. It is probably the same mix of minor injuries, heart attacks etc overlaid with Covid patients.


  3. What do we know? Yup, everything in Scotland is “at a record high”.
    How do we know?
    ‘Cause the BEEB bigs it up.

    Is England “at a record high”?
    Dont know.
    ‘Cause the BEEB buries it in small print (or no print at all).


  4. Walk-in PCR tests “unavailable in England”.
    Boris “unavailable for interviews for a week”.

    News? Nope!
    Certainly NOT on the BBC.


  5. O/T New Zealand has recently (23 December) strengthened its Managed Isolation & Quarantine regulations for international travellers coming into the country.

    “.. making a temporary change to MIQ that INCREASES the length of stay from 7 to 10 days. Currently returnees do their final 3 days of isolation at home. Bringing those final three days back into MIQ reduces the risk of the virus entering the community.’ (my emphasis)

    (’s-plan-minimise-risk )

    And from Radio NZ online today (29 December): ‘The Ministry of Health has confirmed that a border-related case with the Omicron variant was briefly active in the community in the Auckland CBD earlier this week.’

    ‘The case arrived on a flight from the United Kingdom via Doha on 16 December and is fully vaccinated with a mRNA vaccine. They COMPLETED a full 10 days in isolation – seven days in a managed isolation facility and three days in self-isolation.

    “They had PREVIOUSLY RETURNED three negative tests for Covid-19 while completing 7 days of managed isolation at a facility in Auckland,” the ministry said.’

    ‘However, the person went out into the community before getting the results of their day nine test after the self-isolation period was complete, the ministry said.

    ‘The day nine test result came out on 27 December, by which time the case had already been out in Auckland’s CBD on 26 and 27 December. As a result, there is risk of transmission to unknown members of the public, the ministry said.’

    On the listed places of concern due to this individual’s movements: ‘Locations of interest include the Impala nightclub on Shortland Street, the Sunny town restaurant, Partridge jewellers, Ahi Restaurant and Soul Bar.’

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