Shameful: Nearly 200 Herald readers misled by Scotland in Union propaganda

'Shameful': Nearly 200 Scots die while waiting to be treated for chronic pain
‘Shameful’: Nearly 200 Scots die while waiting to be treated for chronic pain

ALMOST 200 people have died in Scotland while waiting to be treated for chronic pain conditions, new figures have revealed.

The data, highlighted by the pro-UK campaign group Scotland in Union, found that over the last five years some 197 people have passed away while awaiting an appointment with pain clinic specialists.

‘200?’ Big number, eh, kiddies? It was less than 40 in a year but that’s no headline so, add them up over years until you get what you want.

‘While?’ How many people die in Scotland while waiting for treatment for something? I’ve no idea how to answer that question but won’t it be, at least, hundreds of thousands?

Scotland in Union? The folk I wrote this to in July 2020, but got not no response from:

To: Ms Pamela Nash, Chief Executive, Scotland in Union

cc: Ms Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister

Transparency and accuracy in political campaigning

Dear Ms Nash

I write to you as the leader of Scotland’s largest pro-UK campaign group, to seek your help in promoting better political communication, providing members of the electorate with the transparency and accuracy they deserve and thus helping them to make informed decisions. I feel sure that as a former MP and as a democrat, you will agree with me, on the great importance of protecting these central principles of our democratic system.

I note that your group has a fact check system, further suggesting that this matters to you as much as it does to me.

I have two points to make.

Firstly, seeing recent ‘reader’s’ letters in Scottish newspapers and hearing calls to Radio Scotland, from members of your covert writing group, I have been concerned that none have mentioned their membership of Scotland in Union. I hope you will agree that this breaches the trust which members of the electorate should be able to put in all campaigners.

I attach evidence of the existence of this group and its apparent intention to deceive journalists and the public.

Secondly, I have been concerned by the inaccuracy of the content of the letters and statements made recently by Phil Tate, Professor Emerita Gill Stephenson, Allan Sutherland and David Bone. In every case, false statements were made.  I won’t distract from the main issue here, lack of transparency, and point to these but suggest that in the interests of the reputation of your group you introduce some editorial control.

Yours sincerely,

Professor John Robertson (rtd)

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'Shameful': Nearly 200 Scots die while waiting to be treated for chronic pain

3 thoughts on “Shameful: Nearly 200 Herald readers misled by Scotland in Union propaganda

  1. It has also been reported that people in Scotland have died while waiting for … Independence from a Right-wing UK Tory Government that puts business/profits above health issues and is ably supported by good ”socialists” like Pamela Nash , Tom Harris , Anas Sarwar etc….

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  2. I wonder how many people fall into a depressed stupor from reading the letters from Mrs Nimela Pish and her agitprop group of “Unionist” charlatans.

    Used to be it was snake-oil peddlers.
    Now its the hucksters from These Islands.

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  3. 50,000 people die in Scotland on average. Mostly for old age. After a relative long (and happy?) life. 79 on average. Spain 84 years. US 76. Japan highest average in the world 85. Some people will die in controlled pain. Morphine and other pain relief. Genetics and lifestyle. Women outlive men. On average 5 years, worldwide.

    Life expectancy going down in the South. Austerity and the Tory Gov. Pandemic mismanagement. Vote Tory to die younger. The Tory members on average male over seventy.

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