Lib Dems FOURTH attack on SNP Government in FOUR days sickens

Depressed, me? Never! I love this job

Today, with a typically tasteless photo of a wee boy professionally acting upset about his sums, the Herald presents the Lib Dems fourth freedom of information report in four days to expose Scotland as the most awful place you’d want to live in at this festive time.

They’ve been storing them up for weeks, months now, to splurge them across our uncaring media at Xmas.

In each of the last four days, we’ve had distorted, percentage-free, versions of official data on hoax ambulance calls (0.003%), no increase in stressed police officers (1.3%), depressed nurses (1.17%) and today, 1 child waiting 7 years for ‘mental health treatment‘ (0.001%):

Scotland’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services start treatment for around 4 000 children every three months. The child who has waited for 7 years is, 1 in a 100 000, 0.001%.

Clearly, something needs to be done about the 7-year child, if it can be, but there are so many factors here that we do not know, such that comment is pointless and, crucially, political exploitation is sick.

7 thoughts on “Lib Dems FOURTH attack on SNP Government in FOUR days sickens

  1. Meanwhile, in Engurland, where the Dumbs were in “government” last, children in care are reported as being “handed over to criminal gangs, and abusers”.

    Does the man with the Mary Poppins umbrella really care?
    Does he ponder, Cyril Smith, who he, when and where?
    A direct line to the BEEB, his secrets to share.
    Whistle-blower? No, a MOANER! People beware.
    The Dumbs are like bogeymen, we children to scare!

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  2. Reporting Scotland last night (28, December) comprised FOUR items. The first three were all ‘we have heard reports that SOME people….. ‘ it was anecdotal stuff based on very small samples of aberrant circumstances. The fourth item was about a tree nursery assisting in meeting Scotland’s target on reafforestation. It actually met the Reithian injunction to ‘inform and educate’.

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  3. The problem is, unfortunately, endemic. It’s nothing new. The brainwashing has being going on for centuries. The contributors are almost endless. Quisling’s, whose only purpose in life is to denigrate their fellow scots, not to mention the present Scottish Government, and try to deny us the right to be an independent nation once again. And of course, aided and abetted by their collaborators in the M.S.M, fronted by the B.B.C, the state broadcaster. I can only hope they fail.

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  4. How long have members of the Scottish LibDems had to wait for Mental Health support ?
    It must be ”doing their heads in ” ( to be technical ! ) to get all this free publicity from BBC Shortbread on every issue imaginable and STILL be of considered by the voting public to be of less use than a condom in a Maternity Ward !

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  5. This will be the contents of the FibDems “Christmas Box”.

    Derek Bateman did a piece called “Manipulating the Media” 4 years ago on this ‘gift’ for lazy Unionist Journos who could get pissed through Christmas and New Year and drip feed Party Political SNPBaaad daily as articles.

    It is now unfortunately not available online at the original address.

    It is thankfully still available on Web Archive!

    Stu Campbell followed up with an article which sums up the ‘Scottish Media’ then and is still relevant today.


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