Scotland’s media batch-processing THREE Lib Dem attacks on SNP Government over quiet festive period

..due to mental ill-health.

Today, we hear the above claim, based on another Lib Dem freedom of information request and with Cole-Hamilton platformed to call for the problem to be laid at the feet of SNP ministers.

Yesterday, 27th, we had an arithmetically-challenged Lib Dem FoI-based claim that police officers are taking more time off for mental health reasons when the data actually shows them almost exactly the same this year as last:

The day before, 26th, they were ambulance-chasing for time wasted on hoax calls only for a quick analysis by a 16 year-old to reveal no increase apparent and, shockingly, only 0.003% of time wasted on that:

Today’s 150 000 days are going to end up the same way.

There are 58 000 nurses and midwives in Scotland (50% more than in England) working at least 220 days per year or 12 760 000 days.

150 000 is 1.17% of 12 760 000.

These three FoI requests have been undertaken to feed Scotland’s unionist MSM with SNP-bad stories over the quiet festive season.

Footnote: Do the Lib Dem advisers really think that getting Cole-Hamilton on TV more often will increase their vote?

6 thoughts on “Scotland’s media batch-processing THREE Lib Dem attacks on SNP Government over quiet festive period

  1. I once had a severe case of mental instability, when I once, at an election voted for a Lib Dem candidate. I have been struggling with that stupidity ever since.

    Up until about 1995 I voted Conservative but got cheesed off at their anti Holyrood stance. I was never a politically motivated person until then. The anti Scottish stance made me one. Then about that time I voted Lib Dem. A wasted vote just like now. Why? no idea. Neither do they. Just look at this Hamilton light weight. As much charisma as a tomato. This article proves their inane stupidity.

    Had I had a brain then I would have voted SNP. I have ever since. I like to use my brief soirée as a Lib Dem supporter to explain to younger people to think before you vote. Vote for Independence.

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  2. Mutually beneficial market demand ? – The BBC in Scotland have constant need for negative SNP content, and ACH is anxious to self-promote from obscurity…

    However baleful this pitiful ACH straw clutching has been, they bump the BBC’s negativity targets at a quiet period.
    Can you imagine if BBC live news were emulate their web-pages, folks might think they were watching Groundhog Day, viz Scotland/Politics “Scotland ‘too cautious’ on self-isolation, says Tory leader” – 4 days old 🤣

    What the BBC fail to realise in blaring their “Covid in Scotland: Boxing Day cases highest on record”, is Scots are looking at the numbers with a sense of relief that the brakes are applied and this juggernaut is slowing.
    On what has befallen England’s exceptionalism, nought from Pacific Quay as is their custom, but Scots know well England is already on the ice and it’s already too late to brake…
    It’s going to be a pileup.

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