If you were Savid Javid, what would you do?

I post the above with some reservations but it looks, as of today, 27th December 2021, that the 7 day average in Wales, N Ireland and Scotland has fallen while in England, it soars.

BBC News tonight painted a very different picture with Scotland headlined as Covid capital again and, from Savid Javid, Health Secretary for England:

…the new year.

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8 thoughts on “If you were Savid Javid, what would you do?

  1. I could not believe my ears when I heard Javid being interviewed tonight. A gross dereliction of his duties and responsibilities to the people of England and to the people working in NHS England and all because they don’t want to recall Parliament and at the same time make the leaders of the devolved Gov/Assemblies look like panic merchants for bringing in restrictions thus diluting the effectiveness of their messaging with some sections of their populations.

    Disgraceful does not begin to cover the behaviour of the UK Gov in this matter.

    Then there is this

    For not much more than half the cost of a new Royal yacht the UKGov could fit HEPA filters in every classroom in NI, Scotland and Wales too.

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  2. The BBC is modifying words from a senior Tory to save his/ his parties blushes:

    “But Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, treasurer of the 1922 Committee of backbench Tories, has urged the PM to be “very cautious” before applying further restrictions.

    Asked whether he was concerned England was “out of step” with the rest of the UK in terms of Omicron restrictions, Sir Geoffrey replied: “I think it is the other way round. I think the [other nations] are out of step with England. I think they have been overly cautious.””

    The actual word used (saw it in a Grauniad article that I now can’t find) – was “principalities” not “other nations”

    Shows that either Mr Clifton-Brown is incredibly ignorant (totally possible) or else he is deliberately mis-naming the other home nations in order to show his contempt for them.

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  3. They are murderers, they are damaging businesses, job loss increase likely and yet our media do not attack.
    Signed Andy Anderson from the principality of Jockland.

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  4. ‘.. out of step with England’! Is being ‘in step’ now a necessary, Tory-imposed condition for the devolved settlements within the Union to function? When was that democratically agreed?

    Responsibilities for public health and for the NHS – and therefore for the lives of UK, yes UK citizens living in NI, Scotland and Wales – lie with the devolved governments in Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

    That allocation of important responsibilities is the consequence of various democratic decisions endorsed, and for now still sustained legally, by the UK’s parliament. The governments with these devolved health powers at this point in time are also of course democratically elected i.e. legitimised by majorities of relevant electorates.

    But the pandemic is showing up how the present devolved settlement is fundamentally deficient. It is restricting the agency of the three devolved governments from acting in ways they may wish in the exercise of their responsibilities.

    The most recent example is this. Devolved governments are severely limited in their ability to provide support they may deem necessary for those financially disadvantaged as a result of the exercising of legitimate powers over public health: indeed they are (simply) carrying out their Westminster-agreed public health responsibilities.

    Westminster holds the financial (borrowing and/or QE) powers and will only exercise these powers – it seems – if and when England, in the view of ITS MPs and ITS government, wishes them to be exercised. That may be OK if public health was not devolved but it is and it cannot be, isn’t OK!

    And of course politically and in terms of democratic perversion it gets worse. The Westminster party of government together with the Unionist supporting media and the BBC spend time amplifying – especially in Scotland – all sorts of complaints without context about insufficient financial support for those that the devolved government here, with its severely restricted financial powers, openly acknowledges need that support due to more restrictive public health measures.

    In short, the pandemic combined with Westminster’s agency has created a very opportune set of circumstances during which to mount daily political attacks on the Scottish Government. And as has been discussed before on TuS, this may have the additional negative consequence of undermining confidence in – or providing some with excuses or cover for not – adhering to public health guidance and rules set in Scotland – or indeed in NI or Wales..

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  5. He should resign. If not resign he and his Tory cabal should be locked up and the key thrown away, they are a serious danger to the people…who of course are collateral. Truly sickening. Unless Scotland gets away from the Uk, 2022 is not going to be a very safe year for the people of Scotland, to say the least. Quite scared for the future actually.

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  6. On 24th December, the latest estimated Covid infection rates were –
    Scotland – 1 in 65.
    Wales – 1 in 45.
    NI – 1 in 40.
    England – 1 in 35.
    London – 1 in 20.

    The BBC painting Scotland as “Covid Capital” is not misleading, it is a blatant lie since the information is in the public domain.

    Javid was comfortable with England suffering between 1 in 20 and 1 in 35 on infections ?
    Despite knowing the doubling rate for Omicron, “There will be no further measures… before the New Year…” ?

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    1. Under current UK Health and Safety laws it is criminal negligence to knowingly put people in harm’s way. They must know this, Javid has some protection in England if his actions were previously sanctioned by parliament, but the bbc and the rest of the media don’t. All three of the government’s in Scotland, NI and Wales have taken a great deal of time explaining why they can’t take further action, the very real possibility that all our emergency services breakdown which may result in many preventable deaths sits firmly and undeniably at westminsters and the uk govs door.

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