UK shocked to hear of record Covid level… Scotland

Headlining on BBC Scotland:

Christmas Day saw 8,252 cases. Boxing Day registered 11,030 confirmed cases and Monday’s daily total was 10,562.

Wow! I wonder what the news for BBC UK is?

There it is. In the UK, Scotland’s Covid cases! The headline story with analysis by Nick Sniggle makes no mention of infection rates in England over the last three days. Wonder why?

Wait, bottom left, see it, the latest UK data? Ah, 2 days ago. The latest they have, for last week, is 122 186, still higher, pro rata, than Scotland’s record high of 11 030.

11 thoughts on “UK shocked to hear of record Covid level… Scotland

  1. England has had no idea for a very long time about infection rates there. In my opinion that is not just because of “test/trace”, Dido Harding fiasco; if I was in England where masks have not been worn and social distancing has been ignored for so long- I don’t think I would necessarily see the point of testing. Ccvid is out of control in England. We continue to have an open border with that situation and suffer the consequences. The difference is – I believe- that we still have more respect for the advice we are given; we still test: so we have a better idea of how bad things really are

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    1. Did anyone else notice the record figure for England was not provided in their headlines, or provided by their correspondent?

      The BBC were also selective over which of covid statistics to give to their viewers.

      While the newsreader gave England’s figures for the 27th (it was their lowest), their Scottish correspondent read out each of Scotland’s figures for the last three days!

      What was wrong with informing their viewers..

      “Some 113,628 new infections were reported in England on 25 December, 103,558 on 26 December and 98,515 on 27 December.

      Provisional data for Scotland for the same three days showed there were 8,252 cases on Christmas Day, with 11,030 the following day and 10,562 on Monday.”

      While England’s highest one day figure was on Christmas Day, and Scotland’s highest one day figure was on Boxing Day, UK viewers were only informed about Scotland’s highest ever figure, but not about England’s highest ever figure.

      (Note, the figures are provisional)

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  2. When a government takes control over a broadcaster, then the news is no longer impartial, but becomes a mouthpiece of the State.

    That is what we have in the UK–a State broadcaster run on behalf of the Tory party and maintaining control over Scotland via news management.

    And we pay for it……………………………………………………..

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    1. I suspect many people would ditch the BBC if they knew that they cannot be locked up for not handing their hard earned cash or pensions over to the BBC, in Scotland. It’s a ‘debt’ and you cannot be locked up for debt in Scotland but you can for non payment of fines re £’s.

      Do older folks still get to watch BBC propaganda for free?

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  3. Aye, we’ve been down this same road of smoke and mirrors from the BBC so many times before….

    For the obstinate non-Sun/Mail readers, to obtain the relative conditions regarding England requires abstracting the other 3’s published figures from that of the UK.
    Chris Musson tried to do this once but gave up on reaching the tenth toe.

    In BBC speak this is called “balance”…
    PS – I note they since changed the graphic to promote Fraser….

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      1. Agreed, have used travellingtabby since he first began publishing readily accessible public information, however, he had to go through the same manipulations to derive the true figures from the (deliberately?) obscured ones.
        Little could he know when he kicked off this “hobby” interest just how important it was to become….

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  4. On the NI and Wales pages it is factually stated that new restrictions have started. On the Scottish page, it is a BAN. There is also DRoss’s assertion that the Scottish restrictions are too harsh – for the fifth successive day.

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  5. Channel 4’s short news programme this evening also mentioned Scotland’s record figures, but did not give any figures for England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

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