15 year-old Modern Studies pupil has fit of giggles at Herald report on police absences

165 000 working days over two and a half years? Why two and a half years, Jamie? It’s to make the number bigger for a headline, Professor Robertson. We had a class on that.

Notice anything else, Jamie? Aye, nae percentages. Why is that a problem? It’s so they can claim something is a big problem without having to prove it is. I mean, even if it’s thousands but it’s less than 1%, it’s not a big problem. We had a class on that too.

Anything else? Aye, the data are from a Freedom of Information by the Lib Dems. Do you know who they are? Aye a really wee party. We did them in History.

Anything interesting about that? Aye, they don’t tell you when they did the FoI so, it’s probably one of those stories they feed the media with for quiet times like Boxing Day. They had one on hoax calls for ambulances yesterday. That was the Lib Dems too. We’ll laugh about both in our next Zoom class for Modern Studies. Mr McTaggart, say’s, when he reads Herald reports like these, he’d fail them.

Thanks Jamie.

Police Scotland has 23 000 employees, more than 17 000 officers and around 6 000 other staff.

There are 256 working days in a year minus the 28 to 48 days leave depending on service.

So, around 220 working days, on average?

In total, 5 060 000 working days available in any year or 12 600 000 in two and a half years, to play their game. 165 000 days lost is 1.3%.

With regard to a worsening situation, the Herald tells us that 44 312 days were lost by officers to mental health conditions in 2020-2021 and for the next 6 months to end September 2021 they lost 22 163, almost exactly the same rate! Your point is?

The Herald report even let’s the Scottish Tories have a go. From the House of Commons Library in 2020, Scotland has 315 police offers per 100 000 population while England has only 223.

E, no resubmission, don’t come back.



3 thoughts on “15 year-old Modern Studies pupil has fit of giggles at Herald report on police absences

  1. The Cauld-Ham Herald. A Special Xmas Edition.
    With jokes, spoofs and clowns!

    As the auld year fades, and we eat our turkey, they publish PISH.
    What’s the betting the New Year will shower us with mair PISH!

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