Scotland has fewest new Covid cases in UK

Though still climbing quite steeply, the infection rate in Scotland, due to the new more infectious variant, is now the lowest in the UK at 97.1 cases per 100K, compared to 105.6 in Wales, 116.7 in N Ireland and, as they head into the new year on a wing and a prayer, 144.1 cases per 100K in England.

Smarter decision making by the Scottish Government and greater voluntary compliance with measures such as mask-wearing in public spaces, seem likely to explain this.

Regional variations are telling too with Lambeth in London at a staggering 2 757 per 100K, 30 times higher than the Scottish average and, 90th in the UK, West Lothian at 1 026 per 100K.

The impending NHS crisis in the South-east of England, as Boris fiddles, is clear in this map:

Hospital admissions are thankfully not surging like infections anywhere but, in England, are climbing 30% faster on average than in England than in Scotland.

4 thoughts on “Scotland has fewest new Covid cases in UK

  1. Ludicrous Von Drossie (call me Ludo) wants Scotland to follow England down the road to infection.
    ‘Course the BEEB that propagandises in Scotland bigs up his utter ignorant, ranting nonsense.

    When Tory Horsesh!t turns to Bullsh!t, BBC Hootsmon will be there to promote it.

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  2. “Lambeth in London at a staggering 2 757 per 100K…” and not a word in the media with headlines such as “Covid Capital of ” TakeYourPick…. Not even in England is this known, let alone in Essex with subtitles, schlock horror…
    You could be onto a scoop here Ace, the BBC in Scotland haven’t spotted it, nor MR EXCLUSIVE himself Chris Musson Overdoit…
    For Scots reliant on the BBC for pertinent news, Forres Gump has a good line with
    “Scotland ‘too cautious’ on self-isolation” while his boss deplores the line isn’t pure enough…
    Odd to observe gas street lights are only now finally being discontinued in London, just at the point gaslighting has reached maximum glow from the filament of the media…..

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