‘Money doesn’t talk. It swears’

Again, I think ‘No. Leave it. E’s not warf it’ but I don’t.

Mark Smith, a professional journalist writing for a corporation, writes something hopefully provocative, preferably critical of the SNP/Nicola, in the hope you’ll click or turn a page and keep him in a job.

That’s what it’s all about. Talk of professionalism, skills, values, standards is just mythology. Those who care about things that matter such as accuracy, truth, compassion, write freely across social media, for nothing. That’s why professionals desperately scrabble for evidence of those, common in social media, I know, and scream of how they, unlike them, corrupt the public sphere.

We are smarter than they hope. We can smell the lunatic fringe and we, not paid hacks, should teach our children how to protect themselves from the fake.

This is Smith of:

I’m not going to engage with his content. We’re past that with him.

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4 thoughts on “‘Money doesn’t talk. It swears’

  1. Marky, Malarkey, Smith is a Labour Brit Nat drone who just the other day referred to the SNP as “virulent”, echoing Dimbo Joanne Lamont of not-so-fond memory.
    He is a nasty piece of work, who manipulates facts and stats to suit his–often circular–arguments.

    I would like to cast a spell on him, to make him honest—the Wizard of Ochiltree.

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  2. Ah Mark Smith what a guy, what a feature writer!

    I first noticed Marks literary genius when he penned some articles for the LabourHame web site. For those of you that have not heard of LabourHame, don’t worry as it has less readers than the Herald and is currently in sleep mode.

    Even with the Labour commentators on that site he didn’t really seem to cut it either.

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  3. He was a good writer years ago in the Music papers, but he’s struggling now that he has to deal with grown up issues!!


  4. Hmm, just a couple of days ago, when the demonising of Nicola Sturgeon was being ramped up even more, I did wonder when they’d bring the subject of witches up! I studied a wee bit about the terrible history of the horrific persecution of women, (and some men) and did a couple of art work pieces about it many years ago, for anyone to bring that terrible barbaric, and backward era (genocide really) up now as somehow being acceptable in any way in Scotland or elsewhere, is unforegivable and unpardonable. I won’t say any more because it might not be nice.

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