BBC Wales and Welsh Tory leader appear to support life-saving measures

I’m guessing, I’ve revealed the BBC Wales/BBC Scotland gap, 20 to 30 times now. I’ve complained but BBC Scotland didn’t understand what I was trying to suggest.

Today, on the matter of how long we self-isolate, BBC Scotland had the above headline placing the Scottish Government on the defensive when it is following expert advice to save lives:

Nicola Sturgeon is being “too cautious” with isolation rules leaving essential services short-staffed, Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross has said.

In Scotland, households contacts of someone testing positive for Covid-19 must isolate for 10 days.

Mr Ross wants this to change to seven days if people record two negative tests, as is now the case in England.

In Wales:

People who have tested positive for coronavirus in Wales will not be able to leave isolation as early as those can in England.

The UK government has said people in England can end quarantine after seven days instead of 10 after negative lateral flow results on days six and seven.

But the Welsh government has said the 10-day rule in Wales will remain.

Health Minister Eluned Morgan said they wanted a “more risk averse” approach.

The Welsh Tory Leader? Is he asleep? Well no. He did, last week, urge the UK Government to reduce the isolation time for some welsh Rugby players just back from South Africa but so far BBC Wales have not managed to get him to say something bad about the Welsh Government.


3 thoughts on “BBC Wales and Welsh Tory leader appear to support life-saving measures

  1. If DRossie did not exist, BBC Hootsmon would have to invent them—-a Gollum for Scotland, wielding the “one ring”, and hiding in a ditch.

    Instead of “DRossie says”—it would be “it has been revealed”.
    Scotland doomed by proxy………………………………………!

    A kind of “Schrodinger’s” bad news–it exists in Pacific Quay, but nowhere else on the planet.

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  2. Re ABC (BBC Scotland)
    Having SG on the defensive
    Very soon and upon Indy
    Tis they that shall very firmly placed upon the defensive
    And when such occurs i strongly suggest in their case that the one and only defensive strategy of success
    WILL be Run and Run like F**k

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  3. It will be ‘interesting’ to see this evening (Thursday) whether Reporting Scotland’s editors opt to amplify further the rants against Public Health Scotland, the Scottish Government and personally against John Swinney and the FM delivered today by club/pub owner Donald MacLeod MBE. He speaks, I understand, on behalf of the Glasgow Licensing Forum.

    The BBC has already given him a platform at least twice today – on Radio Scotland this morning and on Radio 4’s World at One. He’s been sharing how much he supports Boris’ approach to dealing with Omicron and indulges in a wholesale denigration of what’s being done by the SG.

    Immediately following his appearance on the World at One, there was an interview with a ‘nighttime industry advisor’ for Manchester . She not only agreed with Donald and supported ‘Boris’ but told listeners that because of the new restrictions she felt ‘sorry for Scotland, Wales and NI’. All contributions broadcast without challenge by the BBC – of course!

    On one occasion Mr MacLeod told BBC listeners (in terms) that ‘Nicola Sturgeon tells us she’s now off work for the holidays while my staff fear the loss of their job’. I sincerely hope that the FM does get even the shortest (but much deserved) break over the next week or so but does this individual seriously think she will be off work having a holiday?

    Mr MacLeod’s contributions today make those we have become familiar with from the Scottish Hospitality Group’s spokesperson seem mild, polite, respectful, reasoned and reasonable. That’s how bad IMHO today’s were. I had never heard of Mr MacLeod before but it seems he pronounce from time to time via the pages of the Herald. On 17 December he wrote there under the headline ‘Donald MacLeod: Our NHS is not fit for purpose’! So perhaps a polymath?

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