Club/pub owner Donald MacLeod MBE – Mostly Boozed-up Epidemiology?

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Note: Stewart is not to blame for the headline nor the image above.

It will be ‘interesting’ to see this evening (Thursday) whether Reporting Scotland’s editors opt to amplify further the rants against Public Health Scotland, the Scottish Government and personally against John Swinney and the FM delivered today by club/pub owner Donald MacLeod MBE. He speaks, I understand, on behalf of the Glasgow Licensing Forum.

The BBC has already given him a platform at least twice today – on Radio Scotland this morning and on Radio 4’s World at One. He’s been sharing how much he supports Boris’ approach to dealing with Omicron and indulges in a wholesale denigration of what’s being done by the SG.

Immediately following his appearance on the World at One, there was an interview with a ‘nighttime industry advisor’ for Manchester . She not only agreed with Donald and supported ‘Boris’ but told listeners that because of the new restrictions she felt ‘sorry for Scotland, Wales and NI’. All contributions broadcast without challenge by the BBC – of course!

On one occasion Mr MacLeod told BBC listeners (in terms) that ‘Nicola Sturgeon tells us she’s now off work for the holidays while my staff fear the loss of their job’. I sincerely hope that the FM does get even the shortest (but much deserved) break over the next week or so but does this individual seriously think she will be off work having a holiday?

Mr MacLeod’s contributions today make those we have become familiar with from the Scottish Hospitality Group’s spokesperson seem mild, polite, respectful, reasoned and reasonable. That’s how bad IMHO today’s were. I had never heard of Mr MacLeod before but it seems he pronounce from time to time via the pages of the Herald. On 17 December he wrote there under the headline ‘Donald MacLeod: Our NHS is not fit for purpose’! So perhaps a polymath?

7 thoughts on “Club/pub owner Donald MacLeod MBE – Mostly Boozed-up Epidemiology?

  1. Dial in “donald macleod garage cathouse” on Google to discover he’s not the 5 minutes of fame nobody knew, but very much in the Stephen Montgomery mould of reinvention, orbiting the Pacific Quay Clique…

    The World at One gig was the one I first heard, and was astonished when Macleod pulled the Swinney v Grinch stunt without interruption and ca rried on absent query, and no attempt whatsoever to clarify anything to what is a predominantly England audience. In short a propaganda piece.

    It may sound strange, but I’d oddly believed R4 was remote from political influence and skullduggery, clearly not the case at all.

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  2. Thanks John, not being a subscriber to the BBC I rely on your and other blogs to know just how serious the BBC propaganda assault on Scotland is. They even take the lies to England via their ‘World at One’. ‘World’, so what sort of ‘world’ is Scotland meant to function in, a backward, dysfunctional dangerous Tory led Uk world, or a forward looking independent 21st century world where our actual democratically elected government are working to save lives.

    By them allowing the narrative that England’s government are the ones doing the right thing, the BBC is truly through the looking glass now. In what ‘world’ or universe would anyone with an iota of sense believe that the Tory English government have their peoples’ health, wellbeing or best interests at heart. The BBC WORLD, and actually even by their standards, it sounds utterly biased, a dangerous message being touted that the devolved parliaments/governments are the ones at fault and putting lives and livehoods at risk. Talk about gas lighting and dystopian, jeez what a place the UK has become, it’s really worrying, especially when people are slagging China and Russia etc for squashing freedom of speech, it’s not far off that situation in the yookay and Scotland must escape before it’s too late.

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  3. In the interests of balance… 😀

    My daughter was stopped on the street less than 2 hours after the FM had delivered the new restrictions. Obviously, she didn’t know what they were, but the interviewer obligingly told her.

    We didn’t think her response (along the lines) of “They sound alright. Sensible, proportionate and reasonable enough for most people to follow” would see the light of day.

    Imagine our surprise when one of her friends messaged to say “Was that you on the 9 o’clock news?” I don’t watch it any more, so I missed my baby’s 15 seconds of fame. Boo hoo… 😀

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