Scotland to beat booster target with almost a week to spare!

How do you judge if a national programme of action is progressing well? Easy. Compare it with other programmes elsewhere, in similar countries.

Nowhere in the above grudging mean little report does the reader get any meaningful context.

51% of the population of Scotland’s over-12s boosted, compared to only 47.4% in Wales, 47.1% in England and 40.4% in N Ireland.

In Europe, second only to Iceland (population less than Edinburgh) on 57%.

Globally, third behind only Iceland and Chile (52%) out of 200 countries.

Then on progress toward the target, BBC Scotland tell us that with only 368 000 to do on the 21st, we’d hit the target on 46 000 a day.

We have been doing around 65 000 a day. Actually, it was 73 000 in the last 24 hours. Keep that up, maybe even improve on it given the momentum, and we complete in 3 days.

So the headline should be, if they, had any commitment to the truth or to encouraging us:

Scotland to beat booster target with almost a week to spare!

3 thoughts on “Scotland to beat booster target with almost a week to spare!

  1. You ask: ‘How do you judge if a national programme of action is progressing well?’

    The an absence of information on said programme from the national public service broadcaster perhaps?

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  2. And there Stewart, is the reason for the lack of newsworthiness by BBC Scotland on the Booster programme and its achievement in such a short period of time.

    BBC Scotland as it operates at present, is not there to promote or present Scotland, its people, it’s vaccinators, it’s success, and God forbid the SNP government in a positive light.

    Indeed, it’s goal it seems, is to be to ignore the positive and amplify the negative. It’s a ridiculous situation for an organisation that threatens it’s citizens with prison for not paying for its own agenda!

    Will it succeed? Of course it will, that is why there are currently long queues outside post offices with folk rushing to renew their TV licence! 🙂

    The Herald, Scotsman and the more insidious BBC Scotland are losing their influence and readers / listeners big style to a population, albeit perhaps younger, who probably have never heard of Morecambe and Wise and the rediscovered episode that took up a whole chunk of BBC News airtime today, or let alone actually listened to the BBC in the first place!

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  3. We have had three decades of bad-mouthing/smearing the SNP, Independence and Scotland in general, by our colonial media, and it has just made us stronger.
    The Hootsmon, Herald and BBC Hootsmon have lost their audience and the trust of that audience.

    If it wasn’t for subventions from the security services, the colonial press would be gone.


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