Hiding Johnson regime’s pandemic failure

Not a word on the comparative figures for the 4 nations in the above BBC UK report and, of course nothing in the BBC Scotland reporting. BBC NI tell us that 3 231 are theirs and BBC Wales that 4 500 are theirs.

The Scottish Government have announced only 2 434 with an asterisk to warn that an update may be needed.

However, the record figures for England alone are there on sites such as: https://twitter.com/UKCovid19Stats/status/1473687537277362180


The rate of new cases today in England is thus, pro rata, up to 4 times higher than in England and, at least, after an update, 50% higher than in Scotland. The UK Con Government is to blame.

7 thoughts on “Hiding Johnson regime’s pandemic failure

  1. Boris and his government have a lot to answer for, again!! Scotland’s figures are, if the weekend just gone is anything to go by, on the optimisticly low side. I had to visit 12 pubs in the Dumfriesshire area on Saturday as part of my job. Many were busy, very few seemed covid aware and the patrons certainly didn’t seem to be!! One bartender was even told by a customer to tell me to take my mask off as I stood waiting to be served. I know this omicron variant is meant to be far more transmissible but in that brief slice of life I witnessed on Saturday there are many who aren’t giving it any thought or care.

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    1. In contrast in our part of Edinburgh, where usually pubs etc are full this time of year, they are almost empty now and it’s like lockdown after about 6pm…people are being sensible, not all, but most I think.

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    2. I suspect that those going to pubs are not a representative sample of the general public. In the shops I visit in the west end of Glasgow, mask wearing is universal and has been since last year.

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  2. Saw via twitter that M. Drakeford has said strict rules come nito force on boxing day in Wales. England needs a lockdown now, or their NHS is going to be so badly affected it will need private companies to step in..oh wait…

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    1. ArtyHetty
      Re.your comment regards NHS and private companies having to step in
      100 % correct as such is unofficial Government policy
      They know it is political suicide to sell off
      The NHS “just like that ”
      So by stealth they for the last 11 yrs have deliberately underfunded it
      The main purpose of which was in full knowledge that be doing so that sooner or later due to diminishing health care
      And lack of most effective prevention strategies
      Would lead to a situation that they then come forward saying a as a matter of urgency
      We must sell off NHS and use some of the proceeds to a ongoing basis only to provide free health care for A & E only
      Just look how their long term objective was achieved in attainment of Brexit
      Turned out for them and by God they took full opportunity when D.Cameron handed it on a plate to them
      And Covid is also handing on a plate to them now to flog off the NHS
      But this time they have to watch their back as Scotland unlike Brexit will never ever put up with no SNHS
      So England make your move at the direst of your Preciousssssss Unions peril


  3. ‘Not a word on the comparative figures for the 4 nations in the above BBC UK report and, of course nothing in the BBC Scotland reporting.’

    Is it not a ‘public good’ – enabled by the provision of perspective, including from comparative figures – that the population of an area is fully informed on what its responsible government is requiring of it is working relatively well or not?

    And if things are working relatively well, would this not raise confidence in future public health decisions being made on the population’s behalf? And might this in turn boost further compliance with new guidance and laws to the benefit of said population?

    Or is this the root of the editorial problem BBC Scotland has been facing throughout the pandemic?

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    1. Today, the total number in Scotland who have received at leat two jags passed 4million. This has been ignored by the media. Usually such figures are ‘milestones’ or ‘psychologically important’.

      It is likely that by the end of January, 2022, the number of deaths since the pandemic began will exceed 10000. Do you think that will pass unremarked. Will Anas Sarwar or Alex Cole Hamilton comment on the low rate of fatality compared to the rest of the UK, except NI?

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