Demonization of the most effective political leader in the UK


Other than the Scotsman’s residue of unionist trolls, that front page must disgust most.

In opinion poll after opinion poll, the most popular, the most trusted political leader in the UK, presented as the hard, ruthless face of damage to part of the economy, as that is who she is.

Trusted by well over twice the percentage who trust Johnson or, in Scotland, Ross or Sarwar. Following the advice of scientists, supported by a massive majority and with the courage to implement it in the interests of the people, Scotland’s first minister deserves better from the media she hesitates to criticise, for all their flaws.

Here’s a more intelligent assessment of the situation from an Englishman in St Andrews:


4 thoughts on “Demonization of the most effective political leader in the UK

  1. I’m honestly beginning to think that The Hootsmon and it’s pals are helping the Indy cause with pages like that. Only a truly ‘hardened’ Unionist could believe what they are trying to portray.
    Long may they continue to dig their own grave.

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