Damning evidence that Oxford AZ vaccine quickly loses effect

Infographic summarising key findings that protection from COVID-19 vaccine wanes after about 3 months

A friend, double-jagged with the AZ, became very, very, ill with Covid, a few months ago and was hospitalised twice, around 5 to 6 months after his second jag.

Today, we read of an Edinburgh University study based on 2 million in Scotland and 42 million in Brazil suggesting the level of protection waned after only 3 months.

Readers will remember problems with approval for the AZ in the EU and in the US.

Anecdotally, older friends who got the Pfizer, told me they had read worrying accounts of the AZ and were relieved to have got, to their minds, greater protection.

The key findings:

Researchers from Scotland and Brazil analysed data for two million people in Scotland and 42 million people in Brazil who had been vaccinated with the Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine.

In Scotland, when compared with two weeks after receiving a second dose, there was approximately a fivefold increase in the chance of being hospitalised or dying from Covid-19 nearly five months after being double vaccinated

The decline in effectiveness begins to first appear at around three months, when the risk of hospitalisation and death is double that of two weeks after the second dose, experts say.

The risk increases threefold just short of four months after the second vaccine dose. Similar numbers were seen for Brazil.

Researchers were able to compare data between Scotland and Brazil as they had a similar interval between doses – 12 weeks – and initial prioritisation of who was vaccinated – people at highest risk of severe disease and healthcare workers.


18 thoughts on “Damning evidence that Oxford AZ vaccine quickly loses effect

  1. An article in the New York Times agrees with this.
    “Only Pfizor and Moderna, when reinforced with a booster, appear to have initial success at stopping infections”.
    “AstraZenica, Johnston and Johnston and the Chinese and Russian vaccines do little to nothing to prevent the spread of Omicron”.

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  2. I’d like the team from Edin. U. To investigate the Pfizzer Vaccine’s effectiveness over time.
    CH 4 broadcast a damning report on the P. Vac. An Academic Auditor lost her job after finding test results had been fabricated.

    Does Astra. Zen / Oxford Uni. . have test results of their own for effectiveness versus time.

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  3. The dominant variant was different in each country during the study period – Delta in Scotland and Gamma in Brazil – meaning the decline in effectiveness is likely because of vaccine waning and the impact of
    VARIANTS(my caps).

    Would be good to see same research on Pfizer so it can be compared.

    Israel, (Pfizer fans) are now recommending a 4th booster against Omicron.
    If you have the wrong key try more wrong keys.

    All the vaccines are for the original Wuhan variant. Despite assurances they can be easily tweaked Big pharma as yet has not bothered. Luckily they still worked for Delta for avoiding hospitalisation.

    NYT: “AstraZenica, Johnston and Johnston and the Chinese and Russian vaccines do little to nothing to prevent the spread of Omicron”.
    Neither does Pfizer although a booster of any of these may prevent serious illness.

    Given the untweeked vaccines do little to prevent infection by new variants there’s money to be made in selling boosters.

    So get your boosters – not great but it’s all we’ve got apart from N95 masks.


    1. Viral interference is a phenomenon where infection by one virus can protect from a completely different one. I’m wondering if short term booster protection from omicron may be an example of this rather than more less effective antibodies.


  4. Worrying but not surprised. It does seem that some of us by not swanning about,
    (I know I just like that term ) not throwing caution to the wind and only by being very very careful, staying home throughout, (boring) except for exciting trips to the shops, and wearing masks outside always, have escaped the virus largely by our own efforts. Fingers crossed, the boosters are more effective than the Oxford vaccine!!

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  5. What if Big Pharma could produce a variant (in their labs), which was rapid spreading, dominant but innocuous?
    To give space and time so covid-19 could eventually mutate and disappear the way of SARS and MERS.

    Would they?
    Kill the Golden Goose?

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    1. No doubt they could but would they…certainly money is being made big time by some, which in normal old fashioned religious world would gift them a place in eternal hell for their greed. The last almost two years has exposed the disparity in the logical capacity of the human race, and it seems that a madness has taken over some sections of society, anti vaxxers, people getting angry at governments, or rather, scientists, trying to save their lives.
      I watched a wee YT vid last night about something called the ‘Strasbourg Dancing plague’. Here’s the vid hope OK to share, easier than trying to explain it. The explanation for it is dubious imo, sounds like someone was adding something to the
      mead or some sort of poison via mouldy crops or something, but who knows…

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      1. Interesting and bizzare the ‘dancing plague’. I hope I don’t see people dancing in the streets anytime soon! Btw I am not religious in any way, except to worship flora and fauna, that is all. 🙂


  6. In university hong kong they found omicron multiplies 70 times faster in the upper respiratory but 10 times slower in the lungs than delta. Should give some immunity if you survive. Get the lung factor down to zero. This could be th golden goose killer.

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    1. I note that overtime that as Astra efficacy waned
      So did mention of the word by all MSM usage of OXFORD
      Wane to such a extent it is now in ICU
      probably ending up in the Mortuary

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  7. Just to say people, do take your Vitamin D supplements, helps fight off all sorts of bugs and has shown to reduce severity of Covid virus. Noticed some mention of Omicron perhaps not being so deadly due to warmer weather and summer in S.Africa, whereas we have cold winter weather but also possible people need much more VitD in N. hemisphere, so supplements as part of a daily routine.

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  8. For those looking for research results on the longevity of protection against Covid from vaccine products other than Oxford-Astra Zeneca, this may be of interest and a place to start. It’s from the BMJ and published on 20 December, 2021.

    Richterman A, Scott J, Cevik M. (2021) Covid-19 vaccines, immunity, and boosters BMJ v. 375.

    It can be read here https://www.bmj.com/content/375/bmj.n3105

    The paper is a collaboration between researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University and the University of St Andrews.

    (Good to see that Scotland’s academic research capability is again making a relevant and useful contribution.)

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