Follow the rules but stay calm

Gillian Fergusson, 40, gets her jab on a vaccine bus in Glasgow with her son Ruairidh
Gillian Fergusson, 40, gets her jab on a vaccine bus in Glasgow with her son Ruairidh

The further measures announced by the FM’s in Scotland and Wales were brave and in time to prevent things getting out of control.

Scots already seem to be heeding the FMs advice. The 7 day average today is 5 608, the exact same as it was four days on the 18th. Far too high for comfort but, per capita, 30% lower than the UK figure, 83 527, 4 days ago.

6 thoughts on “Follow the rules but stay calm

    1. Is there a ? after that? Or are they implying there is and thereby putting people at risk, either way, their propaganda is mostly not working. Is ‘drivetime’ a BBC construct?


  1. I think most people are being really good about it, many don’t wear masks outdoors as I would prefer, and some do not make any attempt to distance in shops, but, after about 6pm, in our usually busy part of Edinburgh, it is more like lockdown, and bars and restaurants are very empty indeed. Suspect people are being cautious so they can have a xmas with family and friends.

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  2. Tonight on BBC Reporting Scotland there was, as expected, the obligatory appearance by a bar/restaurant owner in Glasgow. He actually seemed quite reasonable until the end of the interview when he stated that the new restrictions amounted to ‘lockdown by stealth’ .

    It is nothing of the sort.

    Pubs/restaurants will remain open but they will have to re-introduce some of the previous regs such as 1-metre distance between groups, table service etc. These do not equate to lockdown and if pubs implement them then it just might be they will get customers coming back perhaps not in large numbers but customers none the less.

    This ‘lockdown by stealth’ was the headline phrase used after the FM’s statements last week asking people to be careful and reduce their socialising. It is now trotted out on every occasion by the hard of thinking as if it is some deeply meaningful response which of course it is not.

    Hospitality is still open and if it was seen and clearly demonstrated to be taking steps to protect the health its customers they might still have a chance of maintaining a reasonable level of business. The hospitality sector knew in the summer that when winter came trade would move indoors with all that implied for people’s safety in the face of an airborne virus especially in an enclosed space. Did they look at and improve ventilation in their premises? Did they by HEPA air filter units or similar to improve the air quality in their premises something that also applies to the retail sector and other businesses eg opticians. Or did they think a quick dicht of the tables and face masks – maybe – would be enough?

    I must confess that I am getting very fed up with the constant whine from hospitality.

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  3. The whine from the pub landlords “it’s in the name” is getting really wearisome. The irresponsible media loves bringing them front and centre at every opportunity. Most people understand the need for restrictions to save lives. I am no lover of Ms Sturgeon but she is doing a good job on protecting the people as she should.

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