Conservative government is 50% worse for your health

The contrast between the infection rates for the 3 devolved nations and England could not be sharper. England gas around 50% more cases each day or around 30 000 avoidable infections because of Tory ‘leadership’ and outsourced methods.

Being kind, you might also accept that smaller nations can be closer to their governments and can trust them because they’re not an essentially alien class.


3 thoughts on “Conservative government is 50% worse for your health

  1. Hearing Omicron started earlier in London, the devolved nations are rocketting up that curve . . . . Before long we could be catching England up.


  2. I heaerd the figures for Lambeth tonight on TV news – sorry cannot remember if it was BBC or CH4 news – anyway they were truly shocking.

    The number of cases per 100,000 in England is just over 700. In London as a whole it is 1200 per 100,000. In Lambeth it is just over 2400 per 100,000.

    That is almost 4 times the figure for England as a whole. The fallout from that across every sector does not bear thinking about. One example, the Fire Brigade. I read the other day that one third of the service is down because of absences due to Covid.

    Closer to home, my home. On or about 20th November cases reached a high of 106. Omicron had not made an appearance at that point. By the week ending 10th Dec the numbers were down to 18. Now for the week ending the 18th Dec they are 81.

    In the face of that increase not taking some sort of action is not an option either for individuals or for Governments

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    1. Dejavu, the UK figure obscures England, and England obscures it’s worst areas.
      On the last occasion when the media were up in arms about one of Scotland’s areas flaring up, I went looking for London Borough figures and was astonished, they were 4-5 times SG’s purported “failure”, yet not a peep in the Press, a quite frightening management of “news”.

      I’m convinced the sequence in prevalence demonstrates Scotland suffering waves from England, predominantly London and it’s surrounds.
      The extent to which we might stem the effect is probably the main driver to SG’s recent increase in restrictions.
      Since we can neither force nor encourage London to get a grip, we’re stuck with the fallout.


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