Covid: Scotland first UK nation to vaccinate 80% of population

Back in June, BBC Wales praised their own NHS (strange I know) for being first to give 2 pigidau (jabs) or jags (jags) to 50% of the population. In February, BBC Scotland had only tales of Scotland lagging behind because we were following JCVI guidelines and saving thousands in care homes first. They didn’t mention the last bit.

Scotland has long passed jagging 50%, 60% and 70% but BBC Scotland have been unmoved.

Today, I see, alerted by a tweet from the travelling tabby himself (?), that Scotland has passed the milestone of 80%, first jagged to add to our long-running leadership of the tables for all three jags.

I know, the FM says it’s not a competition but I can be childish now, at my age.

BBC Scotland? Nope, all quiet on the SNP Good front.

I note that the sort-of Celtic/Saxon South West is on our tail at 79.9. Will be BBC South West be on this tomorrow?

I note also, brr, London is still below 70% on 1 and 2 with no figure for the booster. I dread to think. I have friends there, 70+ like me.

6 thoughts on “Covid: Scotland first UK nation to vaccinate 80% of population

  1. Transfer this data into economic terms
    And time will do so for certain
    Then Return in Investment (RIE )from resources deployed would yield a massive annual compounding effect added value to any economy who succeeds
    In getting the jabs in arms more expeditiously in a well planned coordinated manner
    I rest my case now upon Health,economic and societal well being
    Matters with regards vaccine success


  2. About a month ago Austria with a population of nine million and a vaccination rate just over sixty percent was going into another lockdown; London with a similar population and only a few percentage points higher was seeking a relaxation of Covid restrictions.
    Is it any surprise that it is now the epicenter of the current surge?

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    1. Ideally Scotland should be closing their borders for a couple of weeks. Seeing air B & B’s starting to be occupied in our area again having sat empty for a few months, same as last year, people escaping London to sit it out in Scotland, bringing in more of the virus and they will not isolate at all, and few will wear masks. Scotland gets what England chooses, again.

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  3. I heard that almost one third of Londoners have not been vaccinated even ONCE ! Surely they can’t all be work in No 10 , where it appears ”They’re NOT all in it together ” ?


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