An awesome masterpiece of propaganda by Scottish Daily Express on ‘Sturgeon’s flop’

Reporting yesterday on the YouGov study for the Scottish Opinion Monitor (Scoop), the Express ironically, considers only the fact that only 2% knew the FACTS acronym, while ignoring roughly 98% of the YouGov report’s findings.

In their rodent-like feeding frenzy they completely forget to consider that most folk know what to do even if they can’t repeat a slogan, judging by Scotland far lower infection rates.

Most impressive, in the way that a urinary infection bacterium is impressive, the Express writer Tom Martin manages to ignore virtually all of the actual findings of the research.

Tom Martin - Scottish Daily Express Online
Image: Scottish Daily Express

The Herald, of course, use the same headline:

In sharp contrast, Planet Radio, had the facts:

About two-thirds of Scots approve of the Scottish Government’s communication during the pandemic, though hardly any can name all the elements of the “FACTS” acronym, a poll has found.

While 66.2% of respondents felt the government in Edinburgh was doing a good job communicating its pandemic decisions, only 27.2% felt the same way about the UK Government.

There was a similar split when respondents were asked about the issues of lockdown and reopening – 52% said the Scottish Government was doing a good job in this regard while only 22.7% said the same of the UK Government.

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12 thoughts on “An awesome masterpiece of propaganda by Scottish Daily Express on ‘Sturgeon’s flop’

  1. I admit that I couldn’t rhyme off the FACTS elements but I have been following them due to the repeated emphasis of Nicola Sturgeon and Jason Leitch on them.
    Most of us try to live within the law but few can tell you which ones they follow.

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  2. To be fair to The Herald, it actually reported the degree of approval for the SG handling of the pandemic. However, headline writers have a very conditional relationship with the truth.

    Mnemonics have always had the problem that there was no mnemonic to help recall the mnemonic. And the creators of mnemonics often distort them so that they are ‘snappy’ like FACTS.

    The fact is that I know what the key issues of FACTS are, and have been practising them for nearly two years, but I cannot say what each of the five letters represents. And, by the logic of the Express reporter I do not do the things it entails. He is an ARSE – Asserter of Really Stupid Egregiousness.

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  3. Ha-ha-ha! The Daily Supress.
    A newspaper? Who knew?

    “Writer, Tom Martin”. Well, he aint a journalist, is he?

    Another acronym–CRAP.
    Colonial Reporting Always Pish.

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  4. Tom Martin looks a cheery chap, well if you ran a funeral parlour I guess.

    As to the Express and Herald articles, well I suppose it just shows how desperate they are becoming in their vain attempts to damage the SNP. The journalistic future for them and their papers in Scotland is probably not great either.

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  5. The BBC are too busy promoting their “Covid: Scotland to receive £220m emergency Treasury money” complete with the obligatory “Analysis by Glenn Campbell BBC Scotland Political Editor” to notice the Daily Depress contributions to SG negativity ?

    Perhaps as counter, the Glasgow Herald, the Daily Express or indeed Tom Martin might be asked what constitutes facts or FACTS from their publications ?
    Most Scots know this by an older acronym, KEICH…

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    1. I was sent a WhatsApp message earlier today with a screen shot of a BBC News web page, from its Scotland Politics section. The headline read: “Covid: Scotland to receive an extra £220m from Treasury’.

      Accompanying the screen shot, my contact wrote: “Amazing example of where the headline says one thing and the article basically explains why the headline isn’t true.”

      Now the headline has been changed and the word ‘extra’ removed.

      However damage already done and BBC Scotland can alter its news coverage – its misrepresentation – at will, with zero accountability, zero consequences. BBC Scotland is NOT providing an appropriate public service to a liberal democracy.

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      1. Indeed interesting as I’d not seen the original punt from the BBC in Scotland, it certainly demonstrates news “management” in Scotland via the BBC operation is being “guided” to say the least…

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    1. Not ‘Scottish’ though is it, just like the other 99% of the ‘media’, and the British nationalist parties at Holyrood, it’s a ridiculous situation to be in and it has to stop, independence is crucial or forever be under the jackboot of the Brutish state, and they don’t play nice.

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    2. The ” Scottish Daily Express” is normally referred to by the moron form rather than that to which they aspire.
      Following what is is widely expected to be DRoss’s fall from grace (except for BBC in Scotland viewers) it is believed oxy-moron may well see a a comeback as a descriptive term minus the hyphen…

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