Charity begins at the bar

Two days ago hospitality bosses were top of BBC Scotland’s agenda. You might remember that BBC UK, England, Wales, NI, RTE and most of northern Europe had better things to inform on.

Today, we’re back on the campaign to get some of that support into the pockets of folk not known for paying their taxes or offering their staff decent pay and conditions, some of whom are know for taking the tips from staff and some of whom are Tory donors.

BBC Wales have got two wee stories about gym and club owners ‘fearing’ losses but no call for them to get public health funds. The big story is an NHS one.

BBC UK, England and N Ireland have no hospitality demands.

RTE are on the side of the Taioseach further helping folk to understand what is happening. There’s not a sniff of a whinging bar-owner, not a suggestion that support is needed or justified, no lying opposition politician, just detailed guidance so that no one can claim his words confuse them. It’ kind of like what BBC Scotland should be doing if they heeded their own guidelines.


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