Hospitality or hospitals? How only Scotland’s hospitality industry is being used to undermine public health

Credit reader Anonymous for the headline.

Today BBC Scotland headlines the negative consequences of pandemic measures developed by health professionals

BBC UK? Not a word.

BBC England? Not a word.

BBC Wales? Not a word.

BBC Northern Ireland. Not a word.

Ireland? Not a word.

German national news, French national news, not a word on hospitality problems.

It’s not just today. It’s a regular pattern, easily observed.

10 thoughts on “Hospitality or hospitals? How only Scotland’s hospitality industry is being used to undermine public health

  1. A billion quid, peanuts to the English government, maybe the owners jumping up and down in Scotland or wherever they reside, should have a wee word with the English government, they hold the purse strings. The BBC is a disgrace to democracy, working against the people of Scotland.

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    1. Yep, and note that Stevenson’s “We’ve already had a £1bn hit because of government saying cancel your Christmas parties and functions” required no proofs, no clarifications or definitions, pluck a big figure out of the air and it will be accepted because…. BBC…

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  2. Indeed John, they must have twigged their regular Stephen Montgomery pitch was wearing thin, so today in prime promotion spot on both the Scotland and Politics web-pages we have (drumroll…pause) the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) pitch from Gavin Stevenson, courtesy of Beattie’s BBC Radio Scotland’s Drivetime slot.

    Since when was anything Beattie featured on his programme ever of staggering interest to the population of Scotland ?

    I suppose we should be grateful there’s not an “Analysis” from Glenn Campbell…

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  3. Interesting but far from surprising. The question is, who are responsible? Is it the initiative of senior management alone at BBC Scotland? Or is there input from Tory politicians exerting influence? Some detective work needed, John.


  4. And the Mornings programme on Radio Scotland phone in is, “What can we do to help Scotland’s hospitality industry?”, with Stephen Jardine lobbing easy questions to spokespersons.

    Hospitality employs a lot of people, a fair number of them on precarious contracts and unsocial hours, so, it is important that the people working in the industry (if industry it is) are protected.

    They do, indeed need financial support, such as furlough, VAT relief, rates relief, and, perhaps, even purchase of perishable stock such as food for distribution to people in poverty. However, funding of that scale can only come from the Treasury, which can create money. £100m from the SG is a substantial amount from a fixed budget, with strictly limited borrowing.

    So, my advice to hospitality owners is stop bullying, stop demanding priority over other people and acknowledge the advice from the SG and NHS Scotland.

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  5. And note John, the article is still now only an hour old, and has grown a Comments section with the earliest comment 11.10… 🤣


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