Ross shoots himself in foot over vaccine ‘passports’

Choosing to champion pub owners, presumably his donors, against the rest of the population always looked risky, especially when his boss decided to go with vaccine ‘passports’. Now it is revealed he might be tilting against up to 90% of the population:


90 to 8?

For Conservatives it’s 81 to 16.

In Scotland, it’s 78 to 17.

Not much better Duggie?


6 thoughts on “Ross shoots himself in foot over vaccine ‘passports’

  1. Tilting at windmills
    May just prove to turn out as not only stupid but highly dangerous
    All politicians like cats are often afforded
    Many lives
    But Mr D.Ross such numbers of lives may cut short at very short notice indeed

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  2. To think that Dross and some of his dangerous colleagues in westmonster are against measures that will reduce risk is deplorable. Dross against passports until England does it. He is a disgrace.

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  3. On the hospitality sector and Covid restrictions, tonight’s BBC 2 Newsnight programme’s framing is in stark contrast to BBC Scotland’s.

    The latter amplifies complaints about the restrictions and the attacks by hospitality sector ‘representatives’ on the FM. And has done this for weeks now.

    Newsnight’s coverage has a restaurant owner acknowledging that many of his staff are now off sick with Covid and acknowledging the effect of new restrictions on his business. But the interviewee does NOT negatively criticise the public health measures but rather The Treasury’s unwillingness to provide the much needed financial support.

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