Scotland surges to boost more than 50% but BBC Scotland miss milestone

BBC Scotland love a milestone as long as it hurts….us.

Today, carefully ignored, Scotland is first in the UK to hit 50% of over 18s – 50.7%.

Northern Ireland has only managed 40.3% Heads must roll?

England has hit 46.5%, if we can trust their stats and some are not just offers. Get a grip PM?


5 thoughts on “Scotland surges to boost more than 50% but BBC Scotland miss milestone

  1. It was mentioned – twice – on Reporting Scotland, but much later than the unchallenged woes of retailers. The spokespersons are never asked, ‘What would you propose be done?’

    The vox pops were of people who will ignore the guidelines.

    And this purports to be a PUBLIC service.

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  2. A measly 50%?
    The Lord Protector, Gov Gen Hi Jack has sent three marching bands, some tank commanders and an Afghan vet to “jaber-dabber-doo” Auld Scotia.

    Beside that, DRossie and Hi Jack want to syphon money from wasteful schools and hospitals, and send it off to essential hospitality—-the bars, haufs and fast-food joints. The future of Scotland is safe in the hands of these far-sighted giants of our wee colonial possession.

    Beer over books.
    Lounge-bars over learning.
    Chips over cures.
    Nosh over nursing.
    Money over medicine.

    Yup. Tories have their very own priorities.
    We should elevate them, by means of a rope, to the highest branch of the highest tree. By the neck.

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  3. Well I am glad to hear its going well, but the management of it is a shambles. I had an appointment today at 2.10, but when I arrived about 2.05 (they tell you not to arrive more than 10 minutes early), the queue was literally not just out the door, but down the road, round the corner, along that road, round the next corner and then into the car park. The chances of me getting my vaccination in less than 1 hour and a half was about nil, so 2.10? Aye right – more like something to four.
    So, since I am my disabled wife’s carer and I had left her at home on her own I went back home – I cant leave her that long without making arrangements.
    When I got back I phoned the Covid “Helpline” (an example of an oxymoron) to complain and to seek a home vaccination. With regard to the latter – and I would suggest something somewhere in the Disability Rights Act – the answer was no. My wife might be disabled (as in cannot walk, or indeed even get up) , but I wasnt.
    The young lady who had to put up with me was very nice, but it was clear I wasnt getting my home vaccination, so I have another appointment for Sunday at 5.30. And get this, one of the things I was told was “to dress for the weather”, so it sounds as if there is a good chance of another long queue and long wait which, unless I can get someone to come up and sit with her, I wont be doing.
    Let me be clear that if we can get everyone who will consent to vaccination done by Hogmanay that will be great, but frankly this, from my experience, is being done by making an utter nonsense of booking an appointment, which will never be kept and the system knows it will never be kept. They are just queuing up loads of people and letting them queue. Thus if you dont get Covid while you wait, you might just get pneumonia.
    But what really irks me is that governments make great play of unpaid carers looking after disabled family members. I struggle to work out what it would cost the state to give my wife the care that I do, even at the pittance carers are paid. But, dont ask for any breaks. Dont talk to me about Carers Allowance – you have to be virtually poverty stricken to get it – a retired Uni SL has so little chance he would be certified for trying. Therefore, as I feel right now, if Sunday is the same as today, a letter is going to be winging its way to the Herald complaining about the pseudo organization around the vaccination prog, and the lack of a break for carers, of whom the FM said in the run up to the last election, “The First Minister and SNP leader hailed the “immense contribution” made by unpaid carers, particularly over the last year during the coronavirus pandemic.” But, your wife might be disabled, but you’re no, so get back in line pal.


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