SNP Council goes even further on child poverty measures

I’ve posted several times here on the Scottish Government’s attempts to compensate for Tory austerity policies.

It’s some time now since they took steps to compensate for the ‘bedroom tax.’

This year, the Child Benefit payment was described by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation as likely to make a major impact on child poverty, already lower in Scotland. This is now to be doubled.

In September, the Scottish Government boosted the Family Pandemic Payment and today SNP-led East Ayrshire has announced a further boost to the already existing Family Pandemic Payment:

Christmas in East Ayrshire should be a little cheerier for low income families, after East Ayrshire Councillors approved proposals to boost the Family Pandemic Payment (FPP) by a further £50 today. At the Council meeting  held today, the Chief Executive of East Ayrshire Council, Eddie Fraser, explained that he has used his Delegated Authority to provide a further £50 to each child as a contribution from the Council, following approval by the Leader of the Council and the Leaders of the Labour and Conservative Groups. This means that the amount paid for each of the 3,728 children in eligible families will be £235 instead of £185 and payments will be hitting family bank accounts today.

There is a ‘vulnerable households’ payment applicable in England but no sign of councils boosting it. Buckinghamshire, surely.

5 thoughts on “SNP Council goes even further on child poverty measures

  1. Well done East Ayrshire Council.

    Meanwhile “Scottish” Tories (DRossie and Hi Jack, quotes are available) have claimed the devolved budget, allocated for education, health etc, should be raided to provide money for pubs, chippies and strip-joints.

    The Tories, with Boris de Pfeffel at the helm, has joined Kim, Jong-un in losing popularity.
    One is a “God”.
    The other is a Gawd help us.
    Which is which?

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    1. There is no ‘universal benefit’ and not everyone struggling and being supported by the Scottish government is reliant on ‘benefits’. The Tories are robbing the poor yes indeed, and of course the payments being made re this by the SNP, are mitigating the already absolutely disgraceful assault on the poorest in Scotland, via Tory ‘cuts’ and ‘austerity’, ie, punishing the poor.

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    1. Labour and Tory are hoping for support at the ballot box next time round, which is why they approved this measure. Sorry but I don’t find anything about those London HQ’d parties in Scotland, ‘heartening’, they are not to be trusted one bit. They will use this for their own political gain because that’s all that matters to them.

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