Evidence of a milder variant or of Scots’ canniness?


18 days after the first Omicron case was identified in Scotland and so probably 3 weeks after it arrived, hospital admissions and ICU cases continue to fall, to the lowest since August 2021.

Hospital admission rates in Wales and Northern Ireland are similar to those in Scotland but England, subject to the Johnson communications strategy, has a rate around 20% higher.

Why is this happening? Faster booster rollout and greater compliance with the FM’s more clear and more consistent messaging? No hypocrisy in the FM’s party-going?

6 thoughts on “Evidence of a milder variant or of Scots’ canniness?

  1. Alas, the Boris message is :- “party on dudes, but take care to not be caught”.

    There is a population of Homo gullibles among us Homo sapiens, who believe in fairy tales, EU ogres, and Boris bluster.

    Evolutionary trends may impact negatively on this strain.

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    1. Despite the regular ‘vox pops’, texts etc, read out with glee by GMS presenters, Kaye Adams, Stephen Jardine, John Beattie, etc, that ‘no-one is wearing masks’. ‘we are all fed up with this.’ etc. my experience is that people are almost all wearing masks in shops and on public transport. They are using the hand sanitiser. They are maintaining reasonable distancing. They are queuing for shops which have low capacity.

      People are capable of feeling the frustration of 21 months of restrictions, but also of realising that there are still dangers associated with Covid19 and that such dangers are likely to recur cyclically and so most continue with the general advice, especially as it has been delivered, consistently by people who are credible and are seen to be following the advice.

      The media have a pretty baleful and contemptuous view of the general public and of the intelligence of people.

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      1. Agreed Alasdair.
        The BBC/media in Scotland lack facts, originality and basic research on THIS country, so tend to rely on the news from down south for their “opinion” pieces..

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  2. I to look at the Covid stats daily. I wonder if the hospital case numbers have not gone up yet is because of the lag between infection and hospitalisation. I am encouraged that South Africa today stated that Omicron appears to like a bad cold and milder in its effect that Delta. 🤞


    1. There is usually a lag and that was emphasised by Dr Smith earlier today at the FM’s Press Briefing. Just how long that lag will be with Omicron is not yet clear because it appears to have a shorter incubation time. Whether that will then translate into a shorter time between symptoms appearing and then requiring hospitalisation is not yet clear.

      At least in Scotland we are starting from a lower base of Covid Cases in hospital which may help.

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