SNP Government’s pandemic measures much more successful that Con Government in England

Scotland’s booster rollout is around 5% faster than England’s, at the same time as our infection rates remain around 20% lower and as our hospital admission rates fall to the lowest level since August, unlike those in England.

The above, often confused with a beach in East Lothian and inevitably Scotland’s worst GP, reeks of Sunak-like ambition to lead the Scottish Cons. He’s ideally suited. A serial and outrageous liar.

‘Mass’ vaccinations centres in Tory England and Labour Wales are due to re-open tomorrow, Saturday 18th December.

The essential point is not the use of the label ‘mass’ but rather the flexibility offered by a drop-in facility. These were open today in Scotland. There was only limited demand at the one in Ayr Racecourse today. You may remember them closing down the one at the Hydro in Glasgow, back in May, because of lack of custom.

3 thoughts on “SNP Government’s pandemic measures much more successful that Con Government in England

  1. I saw Nicola saying on tv that mass vaccinations don’t work in Scotland, as population is spread out more thinly apart from the central belt. I think I’ll listen to her rather than him. Bit too polished for me, creepy like, with his eye on a bigger prize.

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  2. There is plenty of evidence some vaccination centres are struggling to cope with demand given the renewed call to get normal and booster jags, but aside the few inconvenienced by the waiting, Scots are patiently working their way down the queues…

    Despite it being 2-3 weeks since Omicron entered the vocabulary, all those experts and teams, informed of all circumstances and in charge of all resources, acording to Gulhane, know less than an Edinburgh GP with a fondness for hair-gel and hearing the sound of his own voice ?

    Gulhane’s attempts to score political points from the current health crisis is no better than ambulance chaser Sarwar and his “What about Millie May?”.
    Repulsive individual….

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