Covid Update: Half the infection rate, fewer deaths and more jags – we have a right to know!

News? No

BBC Scotland, above, telling you none of what follows. Do take care in case you are radicalised by facts.

As always, England has 10 times the population.

Scotland had 4 336 new Covid cases in the last 24 hours. All things being equal – leadership, mask compliance – England should haver had around 43 000 but had 83 693, nearly twice as many.

Scotland had 7 deaths so, again, England might have expected 70 but had 90, 40% more.

What about booster jags though? Sandy Gullane MD MSP was on BBC Scotland and said the SNP did something wrong. I forget what:

Has Sandy seen this? We’re ahead on all three jags and England look like they might be running out of puff. See their line (red) flattening today? I took Wales out because they are at the same level and obscuring England.

Footnote: Is anybody counting how many times Gullane has had to get cover for his patient appointments when Douglas Ross or John Beattie call him in?

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5 thoughts on “Covid Update: Half the infection rate, fewer deaths and more jags – we have a right to know!

  1. Judging by the amount of screen time Gulhane is getting one wonders if he is being promoted to replace DRoss as will inevitably be required. That would give him three jobs too and pity help his patients as they would be last in line for consideration.

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  2. Given that Anas Sarwar is a dentist his general medical expertise is likely to be of a similar level to a GP’s. Yet, he has rarely put himself forward as an ‘expert’ on matters medical, nor have the media treated him as an ‘expert’, in the way they have elevated, Mr Gulhane.

    Jeanne Freeman was a qualified nurse, so, probably knows a wee bit more about matters medical than the average hack. Yet they attacked her relentlessly.

    Jason Leitch, who appears to know a wee bit about public health has been excoriated by the risibly ridiculous soak ‘Lord’ ffffffoulkes-sake.

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