Paying for BBC Scotland’s ignorance is unconscionable

First Graham Stewart calls it the ‘Omicromvariant, then Andrew Kerr tells us that the FM had said the UK Government was ‘unconsciable.’

The whoever or whatever does the text underneath got the virus name, Omicron, correct and heroically knew it should be ‘unconscionable‘.

The FM was word-perfect.

You may say this is trivial but for the price of the licence I will accept no errors whatsoever!

10 thoughts on “Paying for BBC Scotland’s ignorance is unconscionable

  1. When I was a boy, the parents of a couple of my pals were subeditors on the Daily Record and Scottish Daily Express. They were real sticklers for spelling, vocabulary and grammar. The used to correct the notes on lessons that we got from teachers!

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    1. I had a parent try to correct my use of the term ‘Brittania’ with ‘Britannica’. One of the pupils spotted the latter in an Asterix the Gaul comic. I sent it home to the parent with a note – I have your source Dr McIlwaine!

      He was an Irish psych with a GSOH and at parent’s evening we laughed.


  2. Keep on being pedantic with those kind of things John, we love you for it. One of my pet hates at the moment is the continual reference to “getting jabs into people’s arms” Why the heck can’t they just use proper language like the correct word, ie vaccinations, vaccine or vaccinated, according to the context, but there again that is also conspicuous by its absence.
    (Now just let me check my comment for any mistakes!)

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  3. To be fair the subtitles are probably auto generated.I remember sitting in a bar in Houston watching a muted TV with subs about something going on at George Bush C*nt Airport.

    The wider point about the BBC Scotland being undermining Vichy scum holds.

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    1. It was good. Fair made my day. From what I have seen of Twitter the unionists are going their dinger about ‘how dare she’ completely unaware that they are in the process giving what she said in her reply a much wider audience. Bless their wee cotton socks.

      I watched the whole briefing she was excellent and ably supported by the CMO. Complete contrast to Mr Johnson’s press briefing earlier in the week in which he had nothing whatsoever to say of any substance or note.

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